How to Promote Your Young Living Brand Online

You may have heard or even read about Young Living online, perhaps on social media. The lifestyle brand is extremely popular on TikTok, and sometimes its products become viral trends. People enjoy sharing quick videos about their experiences with Young Living oil or how they use its products. While this may be interesting to some, the reality is that you may be missing out on the potential to reach more customers and gain more traction with your brand if you don’t establish a digital presence.

To better understand the basics of how to promote your Young Living brand online, we interviewed Scott D’Iorio, Marketing Manager at Wirecutter Market Intelligence.

How to Promote Your Young Living Brand Online

To begin, can you please give us a brief introduction to your role at Young Living and the importance of marketing to the brand?

Yeah, sure. I work for Young Living, which is an essential oils company. We are all about creating joyful lifestyles and being accessible to everyone. So we create amazing products that are good for both kids and adults, as well as natural and organic skincare products. We want everyone to feel welcome at Young Living, and to know that they can always come to us if they need help or want to learn more about our products. The marketing team is responsible for driving brand awareness and new customer acquisition across all platforms.

What is your priority when it comes to online marketing for Young Living?

Our priority is to build brand awareness and grow our customer database. We want to make sure that people know who we are and what our brand stands for, so that when they see our ads or hear our messages, they are more likely to think of us. We want to drive traffic to our website and social media channels, and make sure that people know where to find the information they need about our brand. When a customer finds our website or social media channels, they should see compelling content that will keep them interested and make them want to learn more about our products. This ultimately helps us to build a relationship with the customer and create a community.

What are the most effective digital marketing channels for reaching your audience?

We use a combination of methods and platforms to reach our audience. Primarily, we use paid and organic search to drive traffic to our website. We also use our social media to communicate with our audience. In addition, we use email marketing to stay in touch with our audience, and offer them deals, discounts and product information. Each of these platforms helps us to reach more people and gain more traction with our brand.

Do you use any special software or tools to better reach your audience?

We use Google Analytics to track our digital marketing efforts and determine the effectiveness of our campaigns. In addition, we use HubSpot to stay organized and follow up with our customers. We follow a proven marketing roadmap that has helped us to get to where we are today, and that we can continue to utilize as we grow.

How much does content play a role in marketing to consumers?

It is extremely important to us that our content is compelling and grabs the attention of our audience. We want to provide helpful information for our customers, so that when they come back for more, we have more opportunity to retain them. In order to do this, we need to create compelling content that will keep people reading. In addition to getting the content right, we also need to make sure that it is visible, which we can do with a blog post, for example.

Choosing the right content and developing a strategy for sharing that content is a crucial part of the marketing process. We need to make sure that the content is relevant to our audience and that it will resonate with them. If we can do this, then we will likely see an increase in website traffic and social media engagement as a result of the content marketing campaign.

Why should a consumer care about your brand?

There are many reasons why a consumer might be interested in your brand, depending on what you offer. If we take a look at the brand Young Living, we can see that it offers essential oils that can be used in diffusers and aromatherapy. People may care about this brand because they enjoy the benefits that these oils provide. On the other hand, someone may choose to buy a Victoria’s Secret perfume simply because it is a popular brand, or because they see the celebrity ambassadors or the brand’s recognizable fragrance.

To attract the right audience and grow our customer base, we must understand what our customers want and need. Once we know this, we can determine from there how to best reach out to them. In some instances, this may mean creating content that is directly tied to what they want or need. In other cases, it may mean providing information that will help them make better decisions or lead them to make purchases that are consistent with their interests. In either case, we need to develop content that will keep our audience interested, and encourage them to return for more.