Yeshiva Online Masters of Marketing: The Best Online Marketing Courses for 2019

If you’re looking for an online marketing course, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Not all online courses are made equal, and it’s important to examine the course material and instructor for a good understanding of what to expect. What will you learn in an online marketing course? How will you actually apply it once you’ve learned it? Does the course material match what you’re looking for? These are all important questions to ask before committing to an online course — let’s take a look at the best of 2019.

Marketing: The Basics

If you’re looking for a marketing course, you’ll want to start with the basics. Learn the terminology, know the theory, and gain some practical experience. There are a variety of free online marketing courses that you can take with the potential to gain credits towards a real-world marketing license. Here are some of the best ones to consider.

The first and most important course to complete before moving on to more advanced marketing courses is the Marketing Essentials Certificate. This 10-week online marketing course teaches you the theory and basics of marketing, including the meaning of terms like ROI, PPC, SEO, and more. After completing this course, you will have the opportunity to take the certification exam for a real marketing license.

Digital Marketing & Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing and marketing analytics are two distinct areas of marketing, but they’re all interconnected. In this case, you’ll study digital marketing analysis, which enables you to track, examine, and report on the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

With analytics, you can examine key performance indicators like traffic, conversion, and social media engagement to determine the efficacy of your digital marketing strategy. In the next step, you’ll learn about Google Analytics, a popular analytics tool.

Digital Marketing with Google AdWords

The Google AdWords Certification is a step above the Google AdWords Certification and also the Marketing Essentials Certificate. It teaches you the theory and practice of creating advertising campaigns using Google AdWords, a popular paid search platform. You’ll learn about bidding, keyword research, and automated marketing.

With AdWords, you can focus on attracting relevant traffic to your website and converting that traffic into paying customers. You’ll learn about the different types of keywords (broad, phrase, and exact) and how to effectively use them in your marketing content.

Digital Marketing with HubSpot

HubSpot is a company that provides customer management software aimed at small businesses and marketing agencies. As the name would suggest, HubSpot is a front-end for your marketing activities, including content creation and distribution, lead generation, and sales. In this case, you’ll learn to design email marketing campaigns, write marketing headlines, and analyze traffic with HubSpot.

One of the best parts of the HubSpot Digital Marketing Certificate is that it actually takes you through a real-world example of a marketing campaign. You’ll build a fully functional marketing plan using the material covered in the course. Once you’ve completed this plan, you’ll have the opportunity to put it into action and send your very own campaign to analyze.

Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for a marketing course that focuses more on strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Marketing Strategy is a course that teaches you the theory and practice of developing marketing strategies that are aligned with your business objectives and align the actions of your marketing team (marketing plan).

The objective of this course is to make you an expert in developing marketing strategies that are effective and sustainable. In order to accomplish this, you’ll learn a variety of methodologies that you can use to develop your marketing plan.

The first and most important thing to do before developing your marketing plan is to choose a market segment. It’s important to understand your target audience so you can craft the right message to reach them. Once you’ve selected your target audience, you can start the process of developing a buyer persona, target markets, and key performance indicators. This will help you determine how to measure the success of your strategy.

Marketing Planning

If you’ve decided to pursue an online marketing course, the next step is to develop a marketing plan. Knowing what you want to learn and the objectives you want to achieve, you’ll map out the steps you need to take to achieve those objectives. The first and most important step in the planning process is to create a to-do list, which you can then cross off as you accomplish each task. This will help you stay focused and make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Once your to-do list is complete, it’s time to review your plan and make some revisions as necessary. Is there something new that you’ve learned that will change the way you approach your next project? If so, add it to your to-do list and revisit the plan at a later date.

E-Commerce Marketing

If you’re looking for an online marketing course that teaches you e-commerce marketing, you’ve come to the right place. E-Commerce Marketing is a course that teaches you the theory and practice of marketing online stores, whether you have one or multiple stores.

One of the things that makes this course so valuable is the amount of information that you will learn. You’ll not only learn the theory, but you’ll also receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement this knowledge into your own e-commerce store. You’ll also learn about Google Shopping and how to use it effectively.

If you’re looking for an online marketing course that’s focused on e-commerce marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you learn the theory and practice of e-commerce marketing, but you’ll also receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement this knowledge into your own e-commerce store.

Sales: The Ultimate Guide to Prospecting

As a marketer, you’ll find that most of your time is spent in the conversion phase getting products or services for consumers to purchase. However, before the conversion phase, you’ll spend a significant amount of time on the other end, designing effective prospecting strategies. Here are some of the best courses for creating a winning strategy.

The first step in creating a successful prospecting strategy is to choose a sales funnel. Your funnel will determine which leads you will draw in and which will you let slip through the cracks. Once you’ve chosen your funnel, you can map out the different stages you will go through to achieve your goal.

You’ll start by defining your target audience and choosing the right messaging for each stage of the funnel. Once you’ve finished the first stage, you’ll move to the next. As you progress through the stages, you’ll become more selective about the leads that enter your funnel. This will eventually result in more effective conversion and higher revenue generation.

This course, developed by Michael Seibel and Stephen Seibel, is one of the best sales training courses out there. You’ll learn how to develop an effective sales funnel, design a lead generation campaign, and track its performance. This course is a must for any marketer who wants to become more effective at converting leads into paying customers.

Sales Management

If you’re looking for a course on sales management, you’ve come to the right place. This course was designed by HubSpot and can be found in their Graduate School. It’s an online course that teaches you how to effectively lead a sales team, including motivating them to achieve stellar results and staying organized while doing so.

This course provides you with the knowledge and tools to be a successful sales manager. You’ll learn about various sales techniques, including prospecting, presenting, selling, and closing. You’ll also learn how to motivate and inspire your team to achieve great results and how to stay organized while doing so.

One of the best things about this course is how much it relies on real-world examples. You’ll be given a project that you’ll need to complete and then analyze in order to score a marketing badge. This will not only help you ensure that you’ve understood the material but also provide you with a clear picture of what you’re learning and how it relates to real life.

Inbound Marketing: Create Attention-Grabbing Content That Sells

The Inbound Marketing approach to advertising and marketing is all the rage these days. Marketing Essieays has put together a comprehensive Inbound Marketing course that will teach you the theory and practice of creating attention-grabbing content that will attract and retain customers.