Wvu Online Marketing Courses: What are They and How to Choose Them

The world of online marketing is evolving, and in line with that evolution, the qualification and scope of online marketing degrees are expanding. From pure marketing courses to those incorporating technical and entrepreneurial skills, the days of choosing an online marketing degree based solely on which logo you prefer are gone. With the avalanche of online marketing degrees available, it can be difficult to know where to start. We spoke to marketing experts to get an insight into the latest trends and degree options in online marketing.

Digital Marketing Specializations Are Popular

According to the 2019 Online Marketing Industry Report by DMI, the demand for specializations within digital marketing is soaring.

The research shows that around 55% of marketers plan to increase their focus on digital marketing specializations, such as digital marketing analytics or marketing automation. However, specialized courses in digital marketing aren’t just limited to analytics or automation. A marketing analytics degree takes into account the intersection of marketing, business, and technology, incorporating practical skills like data visualization and reporting. A marketing automation degree, on the other hand, focuses on the theory and practice of marketing with technology and data.

The versatility of a digital marketing degree makes it suitable for a host of careers, from marketing to sales, and management to research and analysis. With no specific digital marketing required, employers can get their hands on skilled graduates, even if they only plan to use their degree for a specific role within marketing.

The Demand for Master’s Degrees In Online Marketing Has Skyrocketed

It’s no secret that the demand for highly skilled workers in the digital marketing sector has skyrocketed. The 2019 Online Marketing Industry Report shows that around 47% of marketers plan to increase their use of freelance contractors, digital marketing interns, and data scientists. That’s a great opportunity for future students looking for internships and jobs in the field.

According to DMI, the best way for marketers to get ahead is by continually learning new things and expanding their skill sets. Master’s degrees in online marketing allow you to do just that. With a master’s in digital marketing, you can gain valuable, in-demand skills that can take your career to the next level. Master’s degrees in online marketing also open doors to accredited job placement and give you the chance to network with top practitioners in the field.

The Best Option For Those Seeking To Further Their Education

If you’re looking to further your education in regards to marketing, you have a variety of options. From specialized courses to one of the many accredited bachelor’s degree programs in marketing, there’s a path for you. If you’re looking to become a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, you can do so with one of the many accredited certification programs out there. With so many different paths to pursue, it can be difficult to choose only one – but if you’re looking to take your career to the next level, specialized courses in digital marketing may be the best option for you.