Why Online Marketing Is the Best Way to Promote Your Business

In the last 5 years, the internet has changed the game. Now, more than ever, businesses must embrace online marketing in order to stay relevant and attract potential customers. At the same time, the vast majority of online marketers are seeing growth as mobile marketing hits 1.8 billion users globally and more than 80% of the world’s population is projected to be online by 2020.

Here’s a quick look at why online marketing is the best way to promote your business.

It Meets All Demographics

Let’s be honest, no matter what business you’re in, you’re not likely to appeal to everyone. But with online marketing, you can target a variety of demographics with your content to increase your reach and the possibility of making a sale. In fact, according to the HubSpot Blog, “54% of consumers globally have used the internet to research products or services before buying. Meanwhile, 58% have used social media to influence purchasing decisions.”

If you want to attract customers in Indonesia, you can set up a Facebook or Instagram account and begin posting content in your language. You can also take advantage of the different time zones to reach different groups of people at different times. For example, if you’re based in Australia and you want to target consumers in Indonesia, you might want to set up shop at midnight Indonesia time in order to catch the majority of people while they’re sleeping and therefore more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

It Provides Better Targeted Traffic

With the growing number of platforms available online, it’s becoming more and more difficult to gain traction on social media. That’s why marketers are moving away from social media and focusing on growing their audience on platforms like YouTube or Instagram, which offer the possibility of reaching a completely different audience to your typical social media user.

These platforms offer better targeted traffic, allowing marketers to connect with people based on their interests. In other words, if you’re a podcaster and you want to increase your audience, you might choose to do so on a podcasting platform like Stitcher, which has over 100 million downloads globally. On this platform, you can target niche audiences based on their interests, meaning you can create shows on virtually any subject and invite guests who fit within your niche.

It Provides Better Conversion

According to HubSpot Blogs, “36% of online customers have considered product reviews very helpful when making purchasing decisions. In fact, 79% have used product reviews to educate themselves on a product or service they’re considering buying.”

With reviews, you have the opportunity to educate potential customers on the benefits and drawbacks of your product or service. In the worst-case scenario, a potential customer who is reading your review might discover that your product or service is defective and thereby avoid buying it. In the best case scenario, a review can lead to a sale and hopefully many more.

It Builds Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is important for any business, but it’s especially crucial for companies whose products and services are not well-known. Your brand is how people will perceive you, whether you like it or not (it usually isn’t a good thing). If you want to build a brand for your business, begin by establishing yourself as an expert in your field and sharing your expertise with the world – online marketing is the perfect place for you to do this.

Pro-Tip: If you want to establish your expertise, write and publish blog posts on a regular basis. The more you put out there, the more people will remember you.”

More Engagement.

According to HubSpot Blogs, “76% of consumers feel more engaged with content that’s relevant to their niche. Using this method, you can ensure your content is engaging and ultimately keep your audience interested and coming back for more.”

The more you can engage with your audience, the more they’ll appreciate your expertise and be willing to listen to what you have to say. That’s why marketers are moving toward creating content that is both informative and entertaining – if someone is having fun while learning, they’re much more likely to stick around and listen to what you have to say (even if it’s something they disagree with initially).

The key is to create content that fits within your target audience’s interests. For example, if you’re a fashion brand and your target audience includes millennials, you might choose to create content relating to fashion trends or style tips. Alternatively, you could create a show on beauty or style, featuring guests who fit within your niche. When done right, content marketing can drive highly targeted audiences to your website and spark the conversion process – just what you need to grow your business.

More Opportunities For Growth

While many entrepreneurs want to grow their business immediately upon launch, the truth is that most businesses will not see significant revenue for at least a year. That’s a long time to be in business wondering how you’re going to pay your bills – not to mention the time it takes to find your feet and establish yourself as an expert in your field. The key to success is to use the time you have to grow. While you might want to take a back-seat and let your product or service speak for itself for a time, the fact is you can never have too much marketing. Especially online marketing.

The opportunity for growth through digital marketing is endless. You can create a landing page, launch a survey or giveaway, or start an affiliate program – all without having to break the bank. At the same time, you can use platforms like Google Ads, which offers flexible pricing depending on the nature of your business, to gain immediate exposure to your target audience.

What’s more is that you can use digital marketing to gain quick initial traction and establish yourself as an expert in your field before hitting the big time. So, if you want to know what kind of business you should launch, ask yourself this: Does my product or service have an audience who wants to learn more about it? If so, you might end up being the best salesperson your product or service has ever had the opportunity to serve. In other words, if you can find a way to communicate with people – even if it’s online – you can find your way to success.