Which Camera Company Does the Most Online Marketing for Nikon?

It’s rather surprising that a company as big and established as Nikon
wouldn’t have an online presence considering the amount of marketing
power that comes with being a Nikon brand. The reality is that they do have
an online team doing a lot of the legwork for them, and we wanted to
finally tell you about the results of our research.

The Biggest Online Presence For Nikon

If you go to nikon.com, the first thing you’ll probably notice is
that the website isn’t very flashy or bursting at the seams with
content. Instead, it’s a simple, sleek site with big, bold headings, white
space, and a few short paragraphs of descriptive text.

But it doesn’t take long to figure out what makes this site special. The
moment you land on the site, you’ll notice that it’s actually split
into multiple pages. This is because the site is built on Squarespace’s
Structured Website platform, which automatically serves up
fresh content to suit the visitor’s device. What this means is that
whether you’re viewing the website on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll
always see content tailored to your specific device.

Other than the content being device-specific, what else do you notice
about nikon.com? The answer is that it’s entirely optimized for
search engines and gets an incredible amount of traffic. According to
Witek, a traffic expert who runs the blog Web Marketing for Photographers,
“There’s almost no other site available that comes even close to the level of
optimization and integration of Google Ads that Nikon is currently offering.
Simply put, it’s hard to not fall in love with this team’s approach to
online marketing.”

Why Squarespace?

Structured Website is the platform of choice for companies like Nikon
that want to maintain control over the look and feel of their website while
also taking advantage of the features that make Squarespace so special. One
of the most distinguishing features of the platform is that it actually
learns what you want and then presents content and features suited to your
specific device, no matter what browser you’re using.

Another unique quality of Squarespace is that it allows you to build
websites for free. Want to create a landing page, blog, or even an
e-commerce store? With Squarespace, you can do all of that and more for

The Next Step For Nikon

With Squarespace taking care of the technicalities and the bulk of the
work, all that’s left for Nikon is to decide what they want to
specialize in and which products they want to promote.

What will they do next? Will they continue to promote their D-SLRs and
FX-format cameras? Or will they branch out into action cameras, lenses, or
memory cards? Only time will tell.