What You Need to Excel at Online Marketing

So you’ve decided that you want to be an independent sales rep, taking on the world with one phone call.

You’ve got a business partner who owns half of what you call your business and you owe your whole salary to your sponsor. Congrats! You’ve got a job.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. To successfully balance your professional life with your personal life, you need to be prepared for the challenges that come with your new job.

Let’s examine each challenge and how you can meet them with a clear head and a confident stride.

Dealing With Debt And Money

It’s one thing to want to be an entrepreneur and fight your way to the top, but quite another to do it on a dime. Your new partner will certainly help you get started, offering to loan you the money to purchase your initial inventory of merchandise to sell online. But as soon as your business starts generating some revenue, you’ll realize that you’re swimming in debt. If you want to keep your head above water, you’ll need to develop a sound financial strategy.

Navigating The Legalities Of Being An Independent Sales Rep

Even if you’re the most skilled entrepreneur on the planet, you’ll still find yourself at the mercy of the law if you decide to go into business for yourself. When you’re employed by another company, you’re protected by their legal team, but as a freelancer, you’re entirely responsible for your own legal dealings. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’ll have the freedom to choose your own clients and work hours that suit you best. On the other hand, you’ll have to navigate the legalities of your own trade, knowing that at any moment, you could be sued for breach of contract or any number of other legal things.

Becoming A More Independent Person

Even if you’re the most independent person you know, running your own business will certainly teach you a great deal about yourself. When you’re finally paying the bills, trying to make payroll, and dealing with your lender, you won’t have the time to be a spoon-fed employee. You’ll need to learn to love dealing with money and responsibilities, knowing that you’ll soon be called upon to shoulder those responsibilities yourself.

Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

When you’re employed by another company, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where you can blame your actions on someone else. You didn’t make the sales, so it’s not your responsibility to make the sales. Your boss is responsible for the sale, so it’s not your responsibility to question why you’re being compensated less than you’re worth. Your manager is responsible for your compensation, so it’s not your responsibility to look for a better job or ask for a raise. In all these examples, you’re a pawn in someone else’s game. Your personal responsibility is limited to your work and the outcomes you produce. This can be both liberating and frustrating at the same time.

Taking Care Of Your Health

It’s one thing to want to be the best version of yourself that you can be, but quite another to do it at the expense of your health. If you’re not healthy enough to be making phone calls all day, every day, then you’ve got some serious self-care issues to work through. Your personal physician will tell you how much exercise you need to be getting and what diet you need to be following, but until you start listening, you won’t know how much they mean to you.

A Business And A Personal Life

If you want to succeed in your new business, you need to find a way to integrate your personal and professional lives. One of the best things about having a steady job is that it gives you the freedom to pursue your hobby of running a business. But you’ve also got to find a way to make the two lives work together. Having a business partner will certainly help, someone who’s committed to your success and will help you develop a business model that suits you.

Choosing to be an independent sales rep is a brave and bold decision. Just remember to take care of yourself and be sure that you’re making the right decision for you and your family. If you can, seek out a business advisor who can help you navigate the ups and downs of starting a new business and give you guidance on how to be successful.