Wharton Online Digital Marketing Certificate: A Guide to the Program

The world is changing at a rapid pace and traditional classroom instruction isn’t keeping up. That’s why the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvaniadeveloped the online digital marketing certificate program. Students can now earn a certificate that is digital marketing-ready from any location and at their own pace. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the profession and flourish in a digital marketing role.

Why an Online Certificate?

In today’s world, distance education and online learning platforms have increased in popularity because of the flexibility they offer. Online learning allows students to study at their own pace with the assistance of online tutors and learning communities. Additionally, because these platforms are available 24/7, students can study when and where it suits them.

Another advantage of an online learning platform is the access it provides to a wide range of courses, especially in-demand or niche fields like digital marketing. Due to the high demand for digital marketing professionals, employers are increasingly looking for alternative certification routes, like the Wharton online digital marketing certificate program.

What Will You Study?

Students who successfully complete the online digital marketing certificate program will be able to work as a digital marketer in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, and media. Once they have gained practical experience, they can look for jobs in larger corporations or enter the freelance market to work for small businesses. The program covers all aspects of digital marketing including marketing analytics, marketing research, and digital marketing strategy, among others.

Additionally, graduates of the program have the option of entering a Master of Science in Digital Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania. With this degree, they can specialize in areas like marketing analytics, marketing research, and web analytics. They can also choose to enter a joint program with Rutgers University, where they will study business analytics and marketing research methods. With these specialized degrees, employers will have the perfect candidate for the job.

How Is It Structured?

The Wharton online digital marketing certificate program is a 12-unit, graduate-level course designed for aspiring digital marketers. Comprising a mix of lectures, case studies, and interactive activities, students will cover all the necessary theory and concepts that will be crucial for them to succeed in their chosen career. The curriculum is organized into seven distinct learning modules, with each module lasting about two weeks (i.e., four weeks of instruction, including one week of self-study per week).

Each module starts with a short case study tutorial that introduces the topic and gives students a chance to engage with the course material. Once the case study tutorial is completed, students can proceed to the subsequent module. Each module concludes with a project that the student is expected to complete for the benefit of the team. This project can range from simple to very challenging, and will definitely give the student a taste of what it means to be a professional digital marketer.

When Can You Start Employment?

Thanks to modern technology, students can complete the entire online digital marketing certificate program and be job-ready. As a result, they will have a greater chance at getting employed, especially since employers are more likely to look for candidates who have an alternative route to certification. In the near future, as more and more education shifts to the online format, the demand for digital marketing professionals will rise.