How to Sell Books Online for Big Money

The ebook revolution has taken the virtual book world by storm. No longer do authors have to choose between print and digital versions; they can have both. This has fundamentally changed the way we read and the way we engage with stories. People are now more interested in consuming content than in owning tangible objects. This trend is being echoed in the world of publishing, with traditional hard copy books now considered an ‘accessory’.

While the transition to ebooks has been largely smooth, the traditional bookshop has been disrupted. Shops that specialise in selling books have seen a rise in popularity, particularly locations that trade online, like Amazon. This has led to a boom in the online book selling industry, with some predicting that it will eventually replace the traditional shop. If you’re looking for a career in ebooks, you might want to consider specialising in selling books online. You’ll not only be able to utilise your skillset but you’ll also be able to enjoy a new form of bookselling as we know it.

The Growth Of Online Bookselling

After a relatively stable year in 2012, online bookselling saw a boom in 2013. This was largely thanks to the increasing popularity of Kindle and other similar devices. Being able to download books to your preferred reading gadget allowed fans of fiction and non-fiction alike to indulge their hobby and to read wherever and whenever they wanted. The convenience of being able to purchase and read books online was just too tempting for many.

As a result, the number of books sold online increased by 14% in 2013, according to figures from the Bookseller Statistics Yearbook. This was reflected in the retail market, with sales made via online bookstores outstripping those from traditional shops for the first time. It’s likely that this is just the beginning of a new era in bookselling, with more and more people turning to digital versions instead of the traditional hard copy.

The Growing Appeal Of Online Bookselling

There’s more to the appeal of online bookselling than just the convenience of being able to read whenever and wherever you want. It’s a space that’s open to all sorts of readers, a place where anyone can become an author or publishing house and a chance to engage with like-minded individuals. The appeal of being part of a community in the online book world is something that could potentially lure in a whole new audience.

On the surface, the convenience of online bookselling might simply be convenient for busy people. With so much choice and content being made available to users, it’s easy to see why someone might want to forgo going out to physically read a book. This could be someone who is time-poor, struggling to find the motivation to physically get out of bed in the morning. For others, the desire to indulge in a novel might be something they’ve had for years, never getting around to reading a single book in the entire period. But perhaps what’s most interesting about this trend is the fact that it’s opened up a new world for readers and new opportunities for authors. Never before has reading been so accessible and so lucrative. It’s certainly changed the way we read and the way we will read in the future.