Why Honesty is Important in Online Marketing Courses

While it’s good to learn about marketing theory, it’s more important to apply what you’ve learned and improve your campaign results. The theory is only as good as you use it. With that in mind, let’s dive into why honesty is important in online marketing courses.


One of the major factors that make something relatable is if the audience can relate to or understand it. When someone relates to or understands what you’re saying, it makes it easier for them to engage with your content and continue exploring your site. In marketing, this is often referred to as “Understandability.”

There are several ways to improve understandability. One is through authenticity – being yourself and being honest. Because you are a human being, you will make mistakes and have feelings. Authentic content allows for room for error and gives the content a chance to shine through.


People want to feel as though their actions will make a difference. When your audience feels as though what you’re saying is relevant to what they’re doing, they will feel as though their actions will have a positive impact. When someone finds their actions make a difference, it encourages them to continue performing those actions. This could mean they’ll be more likely to make a purchase or they’ll share your content which will result in more traffic.

The key to making your content actionable is by including specific calls-to-action in your writing.


Your content needs to be easy to understand and easy to navigate. With a constant influx of information and content, people want to consume information and content quickly and easily. Minimalist content that is easy to scan is more beneficial than complex content that is hard to follow.

Pages that are well laid out with easy-to-access information and visual elements make for easy-to-use content. Your information should not be so dense that it’s hard for the user to understand what is going on.


Marketers and content creators want to come up with unique ways to attract audiences and encourage actions. Because of this, creativity should be encouraged in all content creation stages.

Through unique wording and unique offers, you can engage with your audience in a fresh new way. If you’re looking for original ways to draw in your audience, you can always turn to the web at large to find inspiration.


Last but not least, we have reliability. People have come to expect fast delivery and excellent customer service. If your product or service is not up to par, you will lose credibility with your audience. When people perceive you as being unreliable, they won’t trust you or your opinion which can result in lost business.

To provide excellent customer service, you should always try to satisfy your audience regardless of the challenge you’re facing.

When creating content for online marketing, you should always keep in mind these six principles of effective communication. By being honest and by making your content easy to understand, you will encourage engagement which ultimately makes your content more relevant and helps you grow your audience.