The Best Online Marketing Sites to Make Money Online

In the last couple of years, the world of online marketing has changed. Gone are the days of simply having a website and hoping for the best. Nowadays, you need to have a perfect blend of creativity and technical know-how to succeed at online marketing.

While it is still possible to make a living from a one-man band website, the world of content marketing has risen. Why? Simply put, people are realizing the value of content marketing, and they are willing to pay for it.

Here are five of the best online marketing sites that can help you make money online.

Commission Junction

One of the first places you’ll want to turn when you’re looking for affiliate marketing opportunities is Commission Junction. This company focuses on affiliate marketing for businesses across the globe, so you can bet that there are plenty of opportunities there if you’re looking to make money online.

You’ll find a variety of affiliate programs to join, from classic affiliate marketing for products such as Amazon products and B2C businesses to more complex programs for B2B businesses and event marketing services.

The best part? The commissions can be pretty high. In some cases, you’ll earn 40% or more on each sale you make. If that sounds good to you, then this is the perfect place to be. Just remember: The more you promote, the more you will earn.


If you’ve been paying attention to the affiliate marketing world, then you’ll know that ClickBank is the place where most people make their sale. The fact is, there are hundreds of thousands of affiliates using ClickBank’s network of websites to generate sales. If you’re looking to make money online, then this is the perfect place to be.

There are literally thousands of products to promote on ClickBank. From electronics to clothing to travel and holiday packages, you’ll be able to find something to promote.

The catch? You’ll need to have a large audience to make any decent money. The commission levels can vary from a couple thousand per month to several million per year, but most people will tell you that it takes at least 100,000 hours of sales per month to make a decent living.


If you’re looking for a place to make money online, then one of the first websites you should check out is CNET. This American media company owns a huge number of popular websites, including,, and more. Essentially, they produce high-quality editorial content that is usually geared toward technology enthusiasts.

This content is then promoted on their network of websites, allowing you to capitalize on their millions of monthly readers. If you can build a reputation for providing value-added content that is beneficial to your audience, then this is the perfect opportunity to make money online. You won’t necessarily need to build a new website or anything, as CNET already provides a platform for you to grow your audience.


You’ll find a lot of opportunities to make money online on the massive online marketplace, Ebay. This company sells a variety of goods from cell phones to clothing to music and more. It should come as no surprise that they’re the largest online marketplace, as merchandise is their business.

You’ll have to market directly to their millions of customers, but the payouts can be pretty good. There are several different opportunities to make money online via Ebay, including a marketplace affiliate program that can pay out up to 50% commissions on sales. You’ll also need to build a reputation as a quality merchant before you can become eligible for the program.


Last but not least, we have Amazon. This tech giant is more than just a retailer. They are a digital marketplace that allows for the buying and selling of merchandise of all sizes. They even have their very own affiliate program that can pay out substantial commissions for those willing to promote relevant products on the site.

The best part about Amazon is how much variety there is. You’ll have access to a huge variety of products to promote, from cell phones to apparel to accessories and more. For each item sold, you’ll earn a small commission. However, it’s competitive, so you’ll need to work hard to make a decent living.

Which One Should You Join?

So, which one should you join? If you’re looking for a place to make money online, then there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. From affiliate marketing for products like Amazon products to Event Marketing services that get you in front of thousands of people at a time, there are numerous ways to make money online. You just need to pick which one is the best fit for you.