How to Use Tai Lopez to Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign

With the explosion of social media on the web, it’s no secret that marketers across the world are slowly waking up to the benefits of using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get in touch with prospective customers.
But what about the rest of us? Even if you’re not a marketer, you can still use social media to grow your business.

If you’re looking to dip your toe in the world of social media marketing, you’ll likely discover there’s a lot more than one way to do it.

One of the most popular methods is through the use of tools such as Twitter and Facebook.
And what are these tools? They’re the modern day equivalents of a billboard, a magazine, and a radio station all rolled into one.

So how does one go about using these platforms to promote a business or brand?

Set Up Accounts On Twitter And Facebook

If you’re looking to use Twitter to promote your business, it’s important to set up an account that’s specifically designed to do just that.

In addition to setting up an account, you’ll also want to consider creating a Twitter bot.
A Twitter bot is a computer program that runs automated tasks on your behalf.

If you type out a Tweet every week, your bot can do the tweeting for you.
As an example, say you own a gym and want to use Twitter to get in touch with potential members.

You can create a Twitter account for your gym and, as the name suggests, use it to tweet out regular updates about all the exciting gym activities.

Your account will be similar to the one used by the professional @gymtea Gym Bots, which I’ve had success with, so I think you’ll find it easy to emulate.

Create A Facebook Business Page

Just like Twitter, Facebook is another popular social media platform with a lot of potential to grow your business or brand.

But, unlike Twitter, Facebook is more of a community than a marketing tool.

That means you’re more likely to discover content shared by your friends and family, not by brands.

So if you’re looking to use Facebook to promote your business, you’ll want to create a special business page where you can talk about what makes your product or service unique, and help people to understand why they need it or want it.

Find & Maintain Quality Content

Now, you don’t need to be limited to one platform to promote your business.

You can use SEO and social media to get the word out about your products and services, and generate leads and sales via multiple platforms.

But you’ll still want to focus on one platform at a time, otherwise you’ll lose track of your audience.

So if you’re looking to use Twitter to promote your business, you should probably start by using it to share content that’s already good, and keep looking for ways to engage with users.

Experiment With Short-Lived Trends

In addition to quality content, you’ll also want to make sure you experiment with the latest trends and hacks to grow your audience.

But remember: Trends only last for a while, so you’ll always want to be looking for ways to adapt yourself to what the platform users want.

For example, if you notice a trend on Twitter where users are sharing funny memes, you can probably assume that most of your followers aren’t exactly engaged in serious debate.

So you can take advantage of this fact and put out some funny memes of your own, and before you know it, you’ll have audiences on both Twitter and Reddit.

Regular Check-ins & Engagement

Besides content, you’ll also want to make sure you’re checking in regularly with your audiences.

This will help establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and give users the feeling that you’re interested in what they have to say. Even if you don’t have a direct relationship with a potential customer, you can gain their trust by regularly engaging with them on social media.

Now, it’s not always easy to get started with social media.

You need to remember that not everyone will be your friend, and that you should never post anything about yourself, or your business, without getting permission from the other party.

Also, be careful about using memes and other internet slang, as often these phrases are used in online scams to trick people.

So instead of leading your audience down the garden path, make sure you always disclose any links or information that might be suspect, and remember to always question authority.

For instance, if a popular account that you follow starts talking about how great a product or service is, and how much they love it, always remember to question the source, as there’s often a scammer behind the persona.

At the same time, you want to make sure you’re not obnoxious or offensive.

This will certainly turn people off, and if you want to get more subscribers, you’ll need to find ways to engage with your audience without annoying or shocking them.

So always be polite, offer helpful advice, and make sure not to put others down, as this might turn them off too.

Along with the basics of having a good profile picture, an interesting header, and plenty of relevant content, you also want to make sure that you fully utilize the platform’s analytic tools to track the success of your campaign.

Measure Success Based On Relevant Metrics

Even if you only have one platform, it’s still important to look at the whole picture, and not just at one or two metrics, to truly determine the success of your campaign.

For example, although you might see a spike in page views on your Instagram account, this doesn’t necessarily mean your audience is growing.

What if most of your followers only come from Indonesia, where it’s very difficult to browse Instagram without being seen?

In this case, although you have thousands of views, this is mostly composed of people who aren’t even likely to buy your product, and you should really focus on other metrics, like orders, or revenue.

So always look at more than one metric to get a complete picture of how well your social media marketing strategy is working.

With these tips on using Tai Lopez to create a social media marketing campaign, you’ll be able to generate plenty of leads and sales, and gain trust from potential customers, all through social media.