Steps of Online Marketing

This is a collection of tips, guides and examples to help you become a master of online marketing. We’ll cover email marketing, SEO, content strategy, performance marketing and so much more.

The Four Step Process To Become An Expert

Before you start implementing any strategy or tactic, there are certain steps you should take to ensure you do it right. The following are the four step process to become an expert in online marketing:

Step 1. Define your Expertise

The first step in the four step process is to define your expertise. What do you know how to do? What have you done? What are your strengths?

The better you are at answering these questions, the better your strategy will be. For instance, if you’re good at getting press releases published, then you might want to consider using your media contacts to pitch story ideas to publications. Or if you’re good at crafting compelling pitches, you might want to consider entering pitch contests and putting your marketing expertise to the test.

Step 2. Create a Marketing Plan

After you’ve defined your expertise, you should put together a plan. What will you do to execute your strategy? Who will you reach out to? What will you do differently? What have you done successfully in the past? Where do you see yourself going? What is your timeline?

A marketing plan should be like a game plan for a business. It should be concrete and measurable. You can use spreadsheets or power point presentations to get this done.

Step 3. Measure The Performance of Your Strategy

The third step in the process is to measure the performance of your strategy. How is it going? What were your goals and objectives? How do you want to measure your success?

You can use a variety of tools to track the performance of your strategy. For email marketing, you can use open-source tools like Hitmail to get accurate metrics on the performance of your marketing campaigns. For SEO, you can use tools like Google Analytics to track the results of your web content and social media campaigns.

Step 4. Modify Your Strategy

The final step in the process is to modify your strategy. What did you learn from the previous steps? Does anything change? What would you do differently?

This step is all about adapting and evolving. If you follow the four step process to the tee, you’re guaranteed to reach the success you’re looking for. However, you may need to make small course corrections along the way. It’s rare to find a marketing strategy that works exactly as planned.

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