10 Marketing Stats That Will Change Your Business Forever

When it comes to marketing and business, sometimes we can be so focused on the numbers that we don’t see the whole picture. What we need are some truly stunning visuals that make our statistics come to life and give us a much clearer picture of the battle for our wallets. Luckily, we can get all of that and more in one place with the help of our good friends over at Statista. Below, you’ll find 10 marketing statistics that will completely redefine your business strategy and what makes you different from the competition.

1. Facebook Is the Leading Social Media Platform When it Comes to B2C Marketing

If you’re like most organizations, marketing on social media platforms is something you’re already doing. In 2018, Facebook grew its userbase to 2.32 billion, making it the largest social media platform on Earth. With everyone from large brands to private individuals posting content to the site, your organization can create a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter account and start engaging with potential customers and growing your business.

2. Product Awareness Is the Key to Successful Marketing

If you want to encourage your customers to make a purchase at your store, you’re going to need to make sure they know what products you offer. To get more details, download our eBook, The Product Awareness Equation and learn more about the key factors that make up product awareness.

3. Consumers Prefer Short Videos

Videos that are short in length tend to get more views and attract more attention. With the attention span of society slowly diminishing, shorter videos are the way to go. In the U.S., the average person now spends less time watching videos and more time scrolling through their feed. To make your videos stand out, experiment with bite-sized chunks of video content.

4. Consumers Prefer Videos With Personality

Marketing and sales are all about connecting with potential customers and motivating them to interact with your brand. For marketers, this means using different methods to reach the right audience. But, aside from marketing, human nature also plays a huge role in shaping your customers’ opinions about your brand. One way to connect with your audience and show you care is through videos. Even more specifically, videos with personality. While videos with no personality may score you extra views on YouTube, they won’t draw viewers into investing their precious time in you or your company. To put it simply, videos with personality draw in the viewers, engage them, and make them more likely to purchase your products.

5. Consumers Prefer Personal Storages For Mobile Shopping

It’s no secret that consumers like to keep their personal collections organized and mobile shopping is making it easier for them to do that. With the explosion of mobile shopping and the rise of personal stylists and makeup artists, customers have everything they need close at hand. And, what’s more, they can take advantage of huge discounts when they’m shopping in person at mall kiosks. While you might enjoy the extra foot traffic, mobile shopping has serious perks that you need to consider.

6. Live Video Improves Organic Search Rankings

If you’re just starting out and don’t have the funds to invest in costly PPC ads, you can take advantage of the free organic listings that come with Google search. One of the best things about these organic results is that they boost your search rankings as you’re actively using the platform to engage with your audience. As a business owner or marketer, you should be trying to leverage this feature to your advantage by creating live videos where you talk about what you offer and why it’s beneficial to your customers. This type of video content provides value to your audience and positions your brand above your competition.

7. Email Marketing Is Still the King When It Comes To B2C Marketing

Depending on how you slice the data, email marketing is either the most or second most effective platform for B2C marketing. When you compare it to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are growing platforms but often overused, the data shows that email is still king. Why? It’s simple. People hate spam and will do anything to avoid it. So, if you want to engage with an audience that is open to receiving your emails, you need to put together a list of potential customers and send them regular promotions for your products. While it might be tempting to go the extra mile and try to get people to join your email list without making them opt-in, the numbers don’t lie. The more you can do without making them opt-in, the better.

8. The Average Person Watches Nine Videos Before Taking a Decision

Say you’re a business that sells mattresses and you want to grow your sales and market share, you’ve probably tried some of the following tactics: posted offers on social media, sent emails to your list, or hired a salesperson to visit customers in their homes. Unless you’ve gotten lucky and one of those tactics worked, your chances of gaining more customers are pretty low. Now that you know what types of videos your customers prefer, you can try a new approach and use video in your marketing strategy.

9. 55% of Consumers Search for Online Reviews Before Making a Purchase

In the age of the internet, consumers are researching into the details of a product before buying it. This trend has continued and even intensified, as 74% of consumers now research online reviews before purchasing a product. Your business needs viable online reviews if you want to find success in today’s marketplace. What’s more, customers who read online reviews are three times more likely to buy from your store compared to those who don’t. So, if you want to increase your sales, start creating and publishing online reviews that compliment your business.

10. 48% of Consumers Prefer Short Videos To Get More Info On A Product

It’s fair to say that consumers have short attention spans and they want quick, snappy videos that give them the info they need without having to wade through a lot of text. What’s more, if your video is longer than about three minutes, you’re likely to lose half of your audience. While longer videos might bring in more views, they won’t stick around for long because people won’t have the time to watch it all.

Download our eBook, The Product Awareness Equation to learn more about the factors that make up product awareness, which includes knowing your target audience, product preferences, and more.