The Shark Tank: 8 Tips for Getting Noticed Online

It is no secret that being on social media can take up a lot of your time. Whether you’re checking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it is likely you’ll see people posting about their content or relevant products they are promoting. Being on social media can feel a little like being in a shark tank – except the sharks are friendly and trying to help you out! In this article, we will discuss how you can make the most of your social media presence and get noticed!

Invest In A Product That Is On Trend

It is important to keep your social media audience interested and engaged, so you will have something new to post about once every few weeks. Having said that, you don’t want to completely rely on your social media content to drive traffic to your site, because eventually, everyone’s favorite social media platforms will find out about your site and stop featuring your content (because it is no longer on trend).

To avoid this, invest in creating relevant product guides or how-to guides that will be helpful to your target audience. For example, if you are blogging about fashion, you could create a style guide for men or a guide for women on how to wear their hair. There are countless opportunities to cover on your blog, but you need to find a way to make it interesting and helpful to your target audience.

When it comes to product reviews, many businesses generate a considerable amount of revenue by combining honest opinion with helpful tips. Even better, you do not necessarily need to use third-party products to validate your findings; you can use tools like Google Trends to easily find the “hottest” topics online and use them to your advantage. For example, if you notice that “green smoothies” are popular on TikTok right now (and who doesn’t?), you can create a blog post showcasing the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. The post could include tips on how to make a green smoothie at home, along with a comprehensive guide on the types of vegetables available.

Find Your Niche

In the same way that you would have a specific niche for your blog (e.g., luxury goods, food, fitness, etc.), you should seek to find a niche on social media. One of the best ways to do this is to simply follow the topics that your target audience is interested in. You can then find similar-interest users and engage with them to learn more about their needs and wants. This strategy will help you discover topics that your target audience is searching for and interested in and allow you to better tailor your content to them.

For instance, if you notice that your target audience is interested in fashion, travel, and lifestyle, you can create a blog around those topics. Perhaps you’ll compare different brands or pieces of luggage, or you could write about the most fashionable places to travel to. Whatever it may be, make sure that you are passionate about the niche and that your blog posts are written with integrity.

Regularly Post On Social Media

One of the most important things you can do for your blog and social media is to regularly post new content. If you’re posting once every few weeks, you’ll keep your audience interested and engaged. However, posting frequently will help you gain more traction on social media and drive more traffic to your site. To find the “sweet spot,” try experimenting with different posting schedules until you find one that works best for your audience.

Build Your Audience

As a blogger, it’s important to establish a base of interested readers who want to learn more about your niche. This is easier said than done, especially when you’re starting out. However, with a little bit of hustle, you can put yourself in the right place at the right time and make the most of any opportunity that might come your way.

The beginning stages of a blogger’s life can be pretty arduous, especially since you’re often bombarded with ads and promotions from various affiliate marketers who want to pay you to advertise their products. At some point, you might feel like giving up and just focusing on creating content for your blog. Don’t! Instead, keep plugging away and eventually, things will start to come together.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to build an audience, take a look at the blogs and websites that have gone ‘viral’ on the internet. Many of these sites and blogs built their audiences gradually, posting frequently and consistently. While it’s not always the case, these creators managed to garner a significant number of followers and fans simply because they provided good content that people wanted to see more of.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you essentially set up storefronts on your blog or website that promote products (typically digital or online products) that you’re paid to recommend. Essentially, you’re employed by a third party (the affiliate) to generate sales for their product. Once you’ve established a good audience on your blog or website, you can explore various affiliate marketing opportunities that might be right for you.

Doing affiliate marketing is a lot of work, so it’s important to find an affiliate program that fits your niche and can generate revenue (more importantly, you need to find an affiliate program that pays well!). When picking an affiliate program, make sure that you consider how committed you need to be to the program (e.g., can you make money quickly or does it require a significant time investment?) and whether or not the affiliate program is reputable (e.g., is it associated with any complaints or legal actions?).

To make the most of your affiliate marketing efforts, create a landing page on your site that will give your audience the information they need to make an informed purchase decision about the product(s) you’re promoting. Moreover, if you make a good impression on potential customers, they may sign up to receive email notifications when new products are available or if there’s any special deals or discounts offered.

Use Personal Accounts On Social Media

If you’re on social media, you might as well make the most of it! Instead of using your business account to post on social media, you can use your personal accounts. Doing so can gain you some important benefits, including the ability to have more posts reach your audience, as well as the opportunity to connect with potential customers that may not be interested in your product, but in you.

For example, if you notice that a lot of your readers are interested in fashion, you can create a blog around that topic using your own photos and styling tips. Moreover, you can also engage with other fashion bloggers and enthusiasts to learn more about fashion trends and copy their styles. Doing so can help you become an authoritative figure in your niche and provide you with a large audience of people who are interested in your content.

Make Money With Showcase Products

Blogs and websites that provide helpful, quality information typically earn revenue from showing off various products (e.g., affiliate marketing, product reviews, etc.) that their audience might be interested in. If you decide to use showcase products, make sure that you only endorse those products that are of good quality and will satisfy your audience.

For example, if you notice that your target audience is interested in fashion, you can create a blog around that topic. On your blog, you can showcase various products related to fashion (e.g., a fashion magazine, a clothing line, a luxury accessories brand, etc.) To make the most of your fashion-related blog, focus on providing helpful information about fashion trends and styles. Moreover, as you gain popularity and credibility in your niche, you can then start to incorporate more complex marketing strategies, including the use of affiliate marketing and showcase products.

Hopefully, this article has helped you discover ways in which you can make the most of your social media presence and get noticed! Remember, everyone’s favorite social media platforms are always evolving, so make sure that you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your content and how you engage with your audience. With a little bit of planning and research, you can put yourself in the right place at the right time and make the most of any opportunity that might come your way.