10 Best SEO Courses: Learning SEO from Scratch or for Beginners?

SEO is a set of techniques that help websites in achieving high rankings in search engine results.

SEO specialists help businesses of all sizes achieve high rankings and attract more customers to their sites.

The importance of SEO to a company’s bottom line and the rate at which it is evolving make it a necessary skill for any digital marketing professional.

Unfortunately, not all businesses can afford to hire full-time in-house SEO specialists. For these businesses, digital marketing consultants and agencies offer a solution: specialized training in SEO. While there are many SEO courses available, how can you choose the right one for you?

The answer is surprisingly easy. You just have to compare the different SEO certificate programs and choose one that offers training specific to your needs.

Which One Should You Pursue?

If you’re truly interested in learning SEO, one of the best options available is the Search Engine Optimization Specialization from the Santa Clara University School of Law. This particular course not only provides you with in-demand job credentials but also gives you the technical know-how to effectively optimize websites.

The specialization teaches you the theory and practice of SEO, including how to effectively write SEO meta tags, optimize URLs, and structure web content to achieve top rankings in search engine results. Plus, you’ll gain a practical working knowledge of SEO from start to finish.

For those interested in a more beginner-friendly alternative, the University of Miami’s School of Communication offers a specialized SEO Certificate Program. This certificate is ideal for those who already have a solid background in digital marketing and are looking to learn the ropes of SEO. You’ll begin by developing the technical skill sets needed to optimize a website. Then, you’ll study the theory of SEO and its various components, including how to effectively use Google Analytics, RankBrain, and PPC ads to grow a business.

Why Should You Specialize In SEO?

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a rapidly evolving field. New strategies and tactics are introduced to the marketplace almost daily. If you want to remain competitive, you need to stay ahead of the curve and specialize in SEO. When you do so, you not only get first-hand knowledge of the constantly changing field. But you can also develop specialized skills that can only be applied to a certain niche.

A good SEO course will equip you with all the necessary tools to start your career off right. Moreover, you can look for opportunities to apply your skills in real-life settings. If you’re looking for a change of pace, an exciting opportunity awaits you in the booming field of search engine optimization. 

How Do I Get Into The Field Of SEO?

SEO is a rapidly evolving field and a necessary skill for any digital marketer or business owner. If you’re truly interested in the field, the first step is to determine your specialization. Law, medicine, and business administration are all respected careers that many find themselves in. If you want to get into the field of SEO, you can choose from a variety of certificate programs offered by highly regarded schools. In addition, you can gain valuable experience by applying for opportunities as an intern or entry-level professional.

Once you’re equipped with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to start your career off right, you can find jobs in reputable consulting firms that specialize in SEO or go it alone and become an independent contractor.