8 Marketing Analytics Platforms to Make Your Retail Business Smarter

In the past, retail businesses mainly relied on brick and mortar stores to get their goods and services to the public. However, as the world becomes progressively more digital, brick and mortar stores, regardless of how beautiful they may be, are becoming less vital. Today, many retail businesses have shifted their focus to online marketing and shopping carts because of the many benefits that these technologies offer.

Marketing Analytics

To successfully implement an online marketing strategy, you need to have solid marketing analytics in place. Otherwise, you may be wasting a lot of time and money without even knowing it. Even worse, you could be experiencing a lot of success without meaningfully analyzing the results of your work.

Luckily, the world of marketing analytics is evolving to meet the needs of retail businesses. A variety of platforms now offer marketing analytics solutions that can help retail businesses get a solid handle on the performance of their online marketing efforts. Here are eight of the best marketing analytics platforms for retailers.


Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows businesses to more efficiently reach potential customers on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. One of the main advantages of using Hootsuite is that it provides analytics in the form of reports that detail the performance of your social media content across multiple platforms. Using Hootsuite is similar to using Twitter: you can set up automated tweets with pre-written content that you can re-use across platforms, and you can analyze the performance of your content using the reports that the platform provides.

Predictive Analysis

With predictive analysis, you can use algorithmic approaches to build models that can accurately forecast future outcomes. Using these approaches, you can develop models that can predict the performance of your online marketing efforts. For example, you can build a model that can estimate the number of leads that you can expect to convert into customers or the total amount of revenue that you can expect to generate from a particular product or service.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that provides integrated, custom-branded blogging, social media, email marketing, and landing page functionality. It is the all-in-one solution for marketers who want to automate the process of marketing and grow their business.

One of the unique features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is its role-based security. This means that, within a specific marketing group or account, only certain users can access specific pieces of functionality. This role-based security can be an advantage to savvy marketers who want to keep certain parts of their marketing automation strategy private while still utilizing the power of the platform.


BizEaze is a tool that allows businesses to seamlessly run online stores and online marketplaces. With BizEaze, you can set up your own online store in no time and add products from various brands and sellers. You can then configure your store with your own branding and marketing materials, and you can sell your products to your audience using a variety of marketing platforms, including affiliate marketing, display ads, and much more.

BizEaze provides a number of features that can assist you as you navigate the world of ecommerce. For example, the platform lets you create product videos that describe the products that you are selling. These videos can then be used to attract your audience and make them more likely to purchase your goods. The platform also provides you with detailed analytics to help you analyze the performance of your marketing efforts online and on various mobile channels. Additionally, you can take advantage of various marketplaces, including Amazon, that let you compare prices for products and find the best deals.


HubSpot is a marketing automation tool that provides inbound marketing and sales functionality to businesses. Using HubSpot, you can set up automated email campaigns, blog posts, and landing pages that can engage with and attract potential customers. Additionally, you can use various integrations with other platforms, including Google Analytics, to track the performance of your content and determine which platforms are delivering the most value.

The HubSpot platform also provides you with detailed, real-time reporting that shows you the performance of your marketing efforts in terms of engagement and conversion. This kind of detailed information can help you determine which campaigns are delivering the most value and which platforms you should focus your attention on in the future.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

The Oracle Marketing Cloud includes marketing automation, SEO management, PPC advertising, and email marketing as part of its marketing solution suite. It can be used to create fully automated marketing strategies that do not require constant attention and can be adjusted as necessary. This is a valuable tool for busy marketers who want to keep their time for personal matters and not have to split their focus between multiple platforms.

ADP Commerce

ADP Commerce is an ecommerce services provider that offers a variety of marketing solutions for businesses, including retail and brand agency. The ADP Commerce platform supports fully automated stores and online marketplaces that can be operated from a single dashboard. One of the biggest advantages of the ADP Commerce platform is its plug-and-play design: as a prerequisite to using the platform, you simply need to have a web browser and a Google account. The rest is done automatically.

One of the unique things about the ADP Commerce platform is that it provides a lot of integration with other services that marketers may already be using. This integration makes it simpler for businesses to switch from one solution to another, and it also means that the platform can be used to complement existing platforms and strategies rather than replace them.

HubSpot Blogger

If you are a blogger who wants to write product reviews and conduct marketing campaigns for various brands and products, then the HubSpot Blogger tool could be a good fit for you. With this tool, you can connect your blog with various social channels and start engaging with your audience right away. You can then use the dashboard to create and manage content, set up automated blog post series, and take advantage of all of the features that the HubSpot platform has to offer.

As a HubSpot Blogger, you have access to various marketing automation tools that can help you automate and simplify the process of blogging. For example, you can use the platform to collect leads and then follow up with a pitch to nurture those leads into customers.


Marketo is a digital marketing platform that provides inbound marketing and sales automation tools to marketers. These tools allow businesses to connect with customers and prospects, analyze website traffic, conduct email marketing, and follow up with automated phone calls and text messages. The entire process of marketing and selling can be controlled from one place using a WYSIWYG editor.

The main advantage of using a platform like Marketo is that you can utilize a single tool to control your entire digital marketing strategy. This can be a time-saver for busy marketers who want to keep their focus on bigger picture tasks rather than spending time switching between different platforms.


Bigcommerce is an ecommerce solutions provider that offers a marketplace for small businesses. The company provides fully automated stores and drop-shipping that allow businesses to focus on growing their bottom line without worrying about the tedious tasks of selling and shipping product.

Bigcommerce provides various marketing solution options that can be used to grow a business. These solutions include SEO, PPC advertising, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing. What’s more, the company offers a multi-channel approach to marketing, which can be a significant advantage for businesses that want to reach their audience across various platforms.


Optimizely is a performance marketing platform that provides features like A/B testing, automated emails, and advanced web hosting to allow businesses to more efficiently assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The main advantage of using an Opti

Optimizely is that it can provide different features at different price points, making it simple for businesses to find the right fit for their needs. Additionally, the platform provides various integrations with other services that can be used to connect databases, enable businesses to track activity across various platforms, and make it easier to build and manage online stores.

Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics is a marketing analytics platform that provides a single view of customer behavior, allowing businesses to make smarter decisions about their customers, products, and strategies. This feature-rich platform provides marketing and sales data, allowing businesses to identify key performance indicators and understand the overall performance of their marketing initiatives.