Regis University Online Marketing Manager?

So you’re interested in a career in marketing and perhaps wondering what the future holds for you? Do you have a keen eye for detail and feel that you can handle multiple tasks without becoming overwhelmed? If so, then you might be a great fit for the role of Online Marketing Manager at Regis University!

What is the role of Online Marketing Manager at Regis?

As the name suggests, the role of Online Marketing Manager at Regis is to oversee and direct the marketing efforts of the university, including everything from social media platforms to website design and content.

You’ll be responsible for developing and implementing a marketing plan that will bring in the maximum amount of revenue for the university, while also ensuring that the brand identity is maintained across all platforms.

The best part? This is a role that can be performed remotely — meaning you can manage the university’s online marketing from anywhere in the world!

Attributes to Have

To qualify for this role, you must have a proven record of success in growing a business and be comfortable leading people. You must also have a genuine interest in marketing and education, as well as having a strong understanding of SEO, PPC, and display advertising.

Above all else, you must possess an entrepreneurial spirit and be able to work independently, yet be part of a team.

Career Growth

Depending on your previous experience, you might be able to advance to a leadership role fairly quickly, in which case you might be able to take on more responsibility and grow your department and team. Alternatively, you might find that you’re not quite ready for a leadership role and will have to settle for working beneath a director or senior manager.

On a brighter note, you might find that the role of Online Marketing Manager at Regis is a stepping stone to a role that provides you with more opportunity for career growth and development. For instance, you could find yourself working for a marketing agency that is helping to grow a brand or company. In these roles, you would not be responsible for managing your own department, but you would be responsible for a team of marketers working on behalf of other businesses or non-profit organizations.


One of the key reasons why Regis University has decided to go with a remote-first approach for this position is to provide you with the benefits of working remotely. Since this role can be fulfilled from anywhere in the world, you can work when and where you want, which is ideal for anyone who is juggling a hectic schedule or would like the ability to travel. Another significant benefit of this job is that you get to use your marketing knowledge to make a difference and help people. You’ll be able to work with reputable organizations to help them spread their message and promote their products, while also helping to grow your own marketing department.

The Bottom Line

So, is this your dream job? Is working for a marketing agency that helps educate and inform people about health and wellness a stepping stone to a senior role in a digital marketing department at a university?

Hopefully, this article will have helped you discover the benefits of a career in marketing and convinced you that working for a reputable organization that focuses on health and wellness might be a good fit for your career. You can find many more jobs like this one by searching for marketing manager positions in your area.