How to Make Your Print Marketing Materials Stand Out on Reddit

It’s no secret that Reddit is one of the most popular destinations online. Even people who aren’t exactly sure what Reddit is can usually tell you what it is: it’s a place where everyone shares content and conversations about various topics are appreciated.

The reason why everyone goes to Reddit is because the content is generally interesting and fun to read. If you’re able to attract someone’s attention with an image on Reddit, you can be sure that they’ll stick around to see what else you have to offer.

So what does this have to do with print marketing materials? Well, considering that print marketing materials are often the first thing people see when they get involved with your product, it follows that your print marketing materials need to grab the attention of whoever is reading it. If your print materials aren’t doing this, it could mean that either you’re using substandard materials or your writing isn’t interesting or engaging enough to keep readers coming back for more.

The Top Three Tips For Making Print Materials That Stand Out On Reddit

While it’s important to keep your print materials interesting and engaging, it’s just as important to remember that they have to fit the Reddit mold. This is where you need to ensure that your print materials will be remembered because they stood out among the sea of other submissions on Reddit. So, here are the top three tips for making your print marketing materials stand out:

1. Use Memorable Images

You wouldn’t put the words “don’t use stock photos” on a piece of paper, but it’s exactly what you’ll see if you don’t use compelling images. A picture is worth a thousand words, and using stock photos makes your writing sound like it lacks substance. Don’t use stock photos unless you have a particular reason for doing so. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with bland material that won’t draw any immediate attention.

2. Add Action Words

Words aren’t everything, but they are important. One of the best things you can do for your print marketing materials is add action words that will make them stand out. The most effective action words will give your material a sense of urgency:

  • Beard Oil: The topically-applied form of Vitamin E
  • Accelerate: Making your print marketing materials stand out is all about making them as effective as possible
  • Upgrade: The feeling of excitement when your print materials are upgraded to a newer version

Choosing the right action words is important because it will greatly affect how your customers interact with your product. If you’re using a verb tense such as “will”, “could”, or “might”, people will assume that what you’re saying is something that is already in progress. When a customer gets a sense of progress/achievement in your writing, they’re much more likely to be involved in, or consider buying, your product. This is why it’s important to use the right verb tense.

3. Use Memorable Phrases And Slogans

A memorable phrase or slogan can take a sentence and make it into a stunner. Just remember to keep it simple and short since you’ll likely only have a few phrases/slogans to work with. If you can think of a phrase or slogan that fits perfectly with your product, use it on your print materials and you’ll be able to draw more attention to it.

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your phrases and slogans is that they should match the interests of your audience. If you’re not sure what your audience is interested in, just ask them. Chances are, they’ll be able to tell you. Once you have your answers, you can start incorporating those interests into your material. This will make it more relevant to your audience and increase the chance that they’ll be able to engage with your content.

Keep The Above Tips In Mind For A Better Result

To help you get the most out of your print marketing materials, we’ve compiled a list of the top three tips that will make them stand out on Reddit. Make sure to keep these in mind as you draft your next batch of print marketing materials, and you’ll be able to draw more attention with each and every piece.