ProfitVine: Is It Worth the Money?

ProfitVine is a well-known company that provides Software-as-a-Service to independent contractors who want to start their own businesses. Their tagline is “Getting Paid to Be Your Own Boss,” which is pretty exciting if you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss.

The question is, is it worth it? Is ProfitVine offering something unique and valuable that makes it worth your while? Let’s find out.


ProfitVine provides a variety of features that you might find valuable if you’re pursuing a freelance lifestyle. Some of these features are integrated directly into the software, while others are available only as premium add-ons.

The key features that you get with ProfitVine are:

  • Tracking Clients (integrated): You can set up automated revenue recognition with this feature. Whenever a customer makes a purchase, you can automatically generate professional-looking invoices and deposits for that customer.
  • Time Tracking (integrated): You can use this feature to log your hours and get paid accordingly. The software will track all your billable hours, and you can create budgets and track your expenses.
  • Pricing (integrated): You can enter your pricing information once you register. You can decide whether or not you want to accept monthly bills, and what your payment terms are.
  • Invoicing (integrated): You can choose how you want to be billed (monthly, quarterly, or annually). You can also determine the format of the invoices you’ll send out.
  • Bank & Credit Card Support (premium): This feature gives you the option of accepting payments from customers via credit card. You can set up recurring payments with this feature so you don’t have to worry about getting paid on time every month.
  • Payroll & Benefits (premium): This feature allows you to set up payroll and benefits for your employees.
  • Tax Preparation (premium): This feature will help you prepare your taxes each year.
  • Professional Looking (standard): The Professional Looking feature provides you with a variety of templates and designs that you can use to create a professional-looking document.
  • Secure Transaction (standard): The Secure Transaction feature guards your personal information against unauthorized access, and it is highly secure.
  • Offline Billing (standard): With this feature, you can create and print professional-looking invoices even when the Software-as-a-Service connection is down. (This feature is a great backup plan if your Internet service goes down for any reason.)
  • Automatic Renewal (standard): Most software licenses of this type come with an automatic renewal option. With this feature, you can simply renew your license whenever it’s due. (This feature is great if you forget to renew your license before it renews itself.)
  • Unlimited Billing (standard): With this feature, you can create professional-looking invoices and deposits for as many customers as you want. The software will not charge you additional fees for additional customers.
  • 24/7 Live Support (standard): Should you have any questions regarding the software, you can contact 24/7 Live Support for assistance. (This feature is great if you’re having trouble using the software or don’t feel that you’ve received adequate assistance after paying for it.)
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee (standard): When you purchase a license for ProfitVine, you are provided with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the software for any reason, you can contact the company for a refund. No questions asked. (This feature is great for people who want to try the software for a short time and are afraid that they might not like it.)
  • 1-year Global Warranty (standard): The software is protected by a 1-year global warranty. In case you experience any issues with the product, the company will provide you with technical support and stand behind your purchase with a warranty. (This feature is great for people who want to be sure that they’re getting quality software that will serve them well for a long time.)


Now let’s examine the value that you get from purchasing a license for ProfitVine. You can decide whether or not you want to purchase a license for ProfitVine by first considering the price. (Prices do vary; however, they are mostly affordable.)

You’ll have to decide if you want to purchase the software as a standalone product or as part of a larger package that includes other reputable software or services. (In this case, you’ll get a significant discount if you purchase the whole package.)

If you decide to purchase the software as a standalone product, you’ll have to decide between a free trial (which gives you access to most of the functionality) and a discounted price (which is usually a couple of hundred dollars). The free trial is a great option if you don’t want to commit to a full purchase yet, but the discounted price is preferable if you’re interested in the long-term. (The free trial gives you access to most of the software’s features, but with limited functionality. The discounted price allows you to get full access to all of the features as well as benefits such as automatic renewal and a global warranty.)

After you make the initial purchase and set up your account, you’ll have to make an annual payment of $39.95 plus tax. (This is in addition to any monthly charges you incur.)


ProfitVine has a 4.7 star rating out of 5 stars on (This is based on 22 reviews.) This rating puts them in the upper percentile for SaaS providers in the industry. (Based on a recent survey conducted by Software Advice.)

The general consensus about ProfitVine on Amazon is that it’s a great product and that it works as advertised. (There are no complaints at all about this product.)

ProfitVine is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the API Program for Accredited Businesses.

Reputation is important, especially if you’re interested in pursuing a freelance lifestyle. You want to be sure that you’re making the right decision when you buy a product or service that you’ll use regularly. (ProfitVine has a solid reputation, and the BBB and API accreditations are great indicators that they stand behind what they offer. Also, their customer support is excellent. If you do have any questions, they’re more than willing to help you out. You can try them out for 30 days and, if you don’t like it, you can get a full refund.)


If you’re considering a SaaS product for the first time, you might wonder if it’s worth it. After all, you’ll have to make an initial investment in hardware and software, and you’ll have to learn a new way of doing things. (If you’re looking for a product that you’ll use occasionally, you might want to consider checking out FreePlan which is also a SaaS option. It offers some of the features that you’ll find useful in your freelance career and it’s completely free for the first month. You can install it on your computer or mobile device and get to work. Once you’ve tried it out, you can decide if you want to continue using it or if you want to switch to a paid plan.)

Now that you have all of that information, it’s time to make a decision. Is it worth it? Is ProfitVine the right fit for you? Do you want to go ahead and make a purchase or do you need more time to think about it? (You can also contact the company directly via email if you want to try out their product and find out more about it. They’re more than willing to answer any questions you may have about their software or service.)