Principles of Marketing: Kotler 15th Edition Online

Kotler’s Marketing Principles is a classic text and one of the cornerstones of marketing education. First published in 1969, the text has been reprinted numerous times and remains one of the best-selling textbooks on the subject. While the textbook defines marketing, it is more fitting to say that this timeless classic is a culmination of thirty years of experience from one of the most prolific authors in the field. Students learn the practical application of marketing theory through the use of real-life examples and case studies from the world’s greatest brands, which have been integrated into the text through a sophisticated website built specially for this edition. Students can practice applying the learnings in a variety of useful and relevant contexts through a series of interactive exercises.

Why Buy a Textbook to Learn About Marketing?

With the rise of YouTube and social media, content is now accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. This has made the traditional textbook obsolete in some respects. First, the learning material can be achieved through cheaper and more accessible forms of communication, such as YouTube videos and podcasts. Additionally, with the explosion of content being uploaded to social media platforms, students can now discover complex topics such as marketing through an engaging story or video featuring an authoritative voice.

What Features Make This Edition Special?

Apart from being a very well-known and influential book in the field, this edition of Principles of Marketing features several special features designed to maximize student learning:

  • A sophisticated suite of courseware tools, including a course planner, a study notebook, and a video player that allows students to actively engage with the content;
  • Real-life case studies integrated into the text through a sophisticated website ( which offers students the opportunity to practice applying the theoretical concepts taught in the text;
  • An expansive set of course-specific learning activities, including a series of case studies, a series of video tutorials, and a series of interactive quizzes that can be used to reinforce concepts and encourage critical thinking; and
  • Active learning tools, including a glossary, a bibliography, and a FAQ section that provide students with the information they need to succeed in this course.

How Is This Textbook Different From Other Marketing Textbooks?

This textbook differs from other more traditional textbooks in that it is designed to be a ‘living’ textbook that continues to evolve with the times and changing technologies. The text is organized in such a way that allows students to easily find the information they need for today’s world and prepare them for tomorrow’s economy and technology advances.

Who Should Read This Textbook?

Anyone interested in marketing, business, or economics should read this classic text. While the original publication date was in 1969, the content is still as relevant and, in some cases, more relevant than it has ever been.