Practical Online Marketing Course: How to Make the Most of Your Online Marketing Efforts

This winter has seen many a cold winter weather event hit our little corner of the world, keeping us inside, cooped up and isolated. This has driven an unprecedented surge in demand for virtual escapism, with many people seeking relaxation and distraction from the stresses of daily life, in the form of virtual reality (VR) gaming and travel.

While gaming may be a popular form of entertainment for adults, it’s not been the most accessible. The expense of gaming equipment and games themselves has meant that many people may have avoided buying one of these devices. However, with the right games and gadgets, along with some comfortable VR seats purchased from DXC Technology, the world of gaming is now at the fingertips of anyone.

For businesses looking to get involved in the gaming market, or simply interested in leveraging the power of video games to boost their marketing efforts, establishing a video game team may be the way forward. Establishing a strong video game team within your company will undoubtedly strengthen your business, and potentially give you a competitive edge in a crowded market.

If you’re looking to build a video game team at your company, or are interested in establishing a separate video game division, then you may be wondering where to start. Here are some top tips from experts on how to build a strong video game team.

Recruit The Right People

One of the first things you’ll need to do if you’re looking to build a video game team is to recruit the right people. Establishing a strong video game team at your company will undoubtedly require the input and involvement of many disciplines, including software engineering, art, design, and business. As a business owner or director, it’s your job to make sure you’re bringing in the right talent and inspiring the right attitude. You don’t want to end up with a group of disgruntled employees who are taking pleasure in letting you know how poorly they are performing.

While it’s essential you hire people who have the talent and the interest in working in the video game industry, it’s also important you consider the kind of person you’re recruiting. The right software engineers may be enthusiastic about working on a mobile game, for example, while the art may be more suitable for a console game. Without the right people in place, the effort of establishing a video game team could quickly turn into a shambles.

Set The Right Culture

When you’ve recruited a strong and talented group of employees, the next step is to set the right culture. Just because you’ve got capable people within your team doesn’t mean they’ll automatically work well together. For example, individuals who work well in pairs may find themselves in a conflict of interests when put in a group setting. You have to create the right environment for your employees if you want them to be engaged and productive.

The gaming industry is highly competitive, with some analysts predicting that the market may be worth over a billion dollars in the coming years. Establishing a strong video game team at your company will undoubtedly require you to consider the way you conduct business and treat your employees. Consistent and open communication are essential, as is valuing each individual’s unique skills and encouraging input from all team members.

Grow A Healthy Professional Relationship

Building a strong video game team at your company doesn’t just involve hiring talented people, it also means developing a healthy professional relationship. Your employees should feel comfortable approaching you with questions and new ideas, as well as being able to rely on you to provide the necessary support and guidance they need to succeed in their roles. You’re putting this team of professionals together to grow your business, so make sure you establish a strong working relationship from the outset.

While you may be used to being in control, when it comes to the growth and the direction of your company, it’s important to acknowledge and engage with your employees, especially those who have more experience than you. Regular reviews and feedback, along with open and honest communication, will benefit everybody involved, and help you establish the strong working relationship you want to see.

Have Fun

Whether you’re creating mobile games, console games, or working as a software engineer for a video game company, having fun is essential. Even though you may be working hard, you still need to make sure you have fun times. It’s easy to get so absorbed in your work that you forget about your personal pleasures, but taking some time out to have fun is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As a business owner or a senior leader, ensuring your employees have the necessary support to be able to do their jobs responsibly and effectively is your number one priority. By building a competent and engaged team, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a vibrant and rewarding workplace.