How to Find the Right Phoenix Marketing Company

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that understands your industry, has the expertise to make your campaign successful and is affordable, then look no further. Phoenix Marketing, based in London, UK, has you covered. We are experts in digital, PR and marketing strategy across industries and live and breathe entrepreneurship.

We work with well-known businesses in the UK and globally, and our work has been featured in major publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Guardian.

Our team is varied and highly experienced. We bring to the table an array of marketing, sales, tech and business skills. This means we can effectively plan, execute and review marketing campaigns for our clients.

So whether you’ve got a brick-and-mortar business or an online one, at the center of it all, you’ve got a product or service and you want to attract customers to it, here’s how to find the right Phoenix Marketing Company for you.

Set The Record Right

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a business or an entrepreneur looking for help. Let’s get to the point – you’ve got a product or service, you want to sell it, and you’re looking for a marketing company to do the selling for you. Great!

Before you start looking for a marketing agency, you need to establish the right credentials. Firstly, make sure that you’re not getting fooled by agencies that claim to be specialist in digital marketing but are actually just doing PPC (paid search advertising) or social media marketing. Secondly, make sure you’re not being fooled by agencies that claim to be affordable but are actually overcharging you. Thirdly, make sure you’re not being fooled by agencies that claim to be industry experts but whose previous work doesn’t showcase that claim. Fourthly, make sure you’re not being fooled by agencies that don’t have a clearly defined business model or plan to bill you for each hour worked. Finally, make sure you’re not being fooled by agencies that don’t have a transparent onboarding process or don’t provide detailed accountings of the work done. Believe it or not, but each of these qualities represents a clear sign of a bad agency.

The Importance Of Industry Expertise

If you’ve been around the block once or twice, you’ll know that trends come and go. However, there are some industries that refuse to go away. One of these is the legal industry. Thanks to the immense legal knowledge passed down from generation to generation, law firms across the world are able to sustain themselves in a world where digital innovation is transforming how we find information and how we do business. The same principles apply to financial services and insurance companies. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ll see many familiar names repeating the same ad nauseam.

While it’s great to be able to name-check the giants of industry, it’s not always practical to have a firm hand-in-hand with each one. Being tied down to a large corporation can seriously restrict your growth. Moreover, when you’re starting up, you don’t have the money or the connections to afford the luxury of a legal relationship. This is where hiring an independent lawyer comes in handy. A specialist PR agency that focuses on the legal industry can do wonders for your brand by getting your name out there among the important people in your industry. They can also help you negotiate the complicated legal issues that arise during the course of your business.

How To Identify A Quality Agency

Now that you’ve got the record set straight, it’s time to examine the qualities of a good marketing agency. These are skillsets, strategy, delivery and, of course, price. Let’s examine each of these factors in turn.

Quality In-House

Regardless of whether you work with an in-house team or you outsource the work, you’ve got a lot riding on this decision. In-house teams, whether they are based in London, New York or Sydney, tend to have a lot more freedom and control over the campaign. They don’t need to answer to anyone but you. Moreover, if your product is at all complicated or involved, then hiring an in-house team is undoubtedly the preferred route. However, if your product is as straightforward as, let’s say, accounting software, then working with an outside agency is likely to prove more beneficial. The choice is all about you and what you want for your business.


Strategy is all about the plans you make in order to achieve your goals. Let’s say, for example, that you want to grow your customer base. To do this, you’ll need to develop a marketing strategy. This involves mapping out the actions you’ll need to take in order to achieve your goals. It might be as simple as focusing on sales growth in one particular region or it might entail developing a social media strategy that draws heavily on psychology to make your followers want to buy your product. No matter what your strategy is, it’s an important document that can help you stay focused and on-track while at the same time ensuring you don’t stray too far from your original plan. A good PR agency should have a clear grasp of strategy and be able to work with you to refine it.


As a business owner, you’re used to seeing the same old faces every time you turn around. However, the people behind the scenes are constantly changing. Whether through new hires or promotions, your agency’s delivery team should be constantly evolving and adapting to new ideas and strategies. The key is to ensure they’re always keeping up with your every changing need. If your agency can’t keep up, it’s time to find a new one.


While most agencies come in at a premium price, it’s definitely not impossible to find an agency that’s affordable. In fact, you might have to do a little bit of research to find one. Keep your eyes open for agencies that offer reduced rates or even free services for startups. Moreover, if your budget allows, work with an agency that specializes in small businesses. Depending on how many employees you have, you may be eligible for a corporate discount too.

What To Look Forward To

Now that you’ve found a reputable and affordable agency, it’s time to get excited about your newly planned marketing campaign. This is the part of the job that you’ve been waiting for all along. The excitement will be all the greater knowing that this is exactly what you need to move your business forward. Keep in mind that while this is fun, it’s also highly unlikely that your agency will be able to ensure that your product is featured in the mainstream media if they aren’t already experts in your industry. Make sure to work with an agency that can pull off high-profile articles if your product is in the midst of a major upgrade or is attracting a lot of media interest. The last thing you want to do is to rush into anything without having taken the time to do proper research. Plus, you might find that the mainstream media isn’t where your product stands out. For that, you need to look to social media or digital marketing.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s your job to keep an eye on the bottom line. However, the line can be a tricky thing to keep an eye on. One way of doing this is by hiring an agency that can keep you updated on the latest marketing trends and best practices while also providing you with valuable industry insights. Doing business in today’s world means constantly adapting to new situations and new ways of thinking. While it’s great to have a plan and know exactly what you’re doing, it’s even better when you have a plan that is constantly evolving and changing to fit new opportunities and changes in the industry.