How Many of Your Online Competitors Use Digital Marketing?

In this modern world, being aware of the latest trends and technologies is essential. One such emerging technology is digital marketing. So, how many of your competitors are utilizing this type of marketing and are you doing the same?

To find this answer, you need to log into your account with Google Analytics and then click on Behaviour. Next, you will see a graph with the total number of visitors and the sources of those visitors.

When you become more familiar with digital marketing, you will see that there are multiple sources of traffic that can bring in revenue. However, to understand what is happening, you need to know how each of these channels functions.

Direct Traffic

In the case of direct traffic, this is also known as organic traffic or traffic that comes from a search engine.

To find the sources of direct traffic, you simply need to track which keywords and phrases people are using to find your website. For example, if you sell fashion accessories, you might want to track words such as “handbag”, “jewellery”, or “bangle” to see which terms people are using to find your website.

Once you have determined the keywords and phrases, you can incorporate these terms into your content to attract more direct traffic. For example, if someone is searching for “bangle”, you might want to include a blog post that relates to that topic to draw them in.

Social Traffic

The second source of traffic often comes from social media platforms. The most popular ones include Facebook and Twitter. If you want to find the sources of social traffic, you need to track which social media platforms your competitors are using to gain popularity and see what tactics they are employing.

To attract people to your business via social media, you have two options. You can either create engaging content that will encourage people to come back for more or follow the strategies laid out by the experts. Doing so can dramatically improve your reach and allow you to connect with a much larger audience.

Referral Traffic

The third source of traffic is referral traffic. This type of traffic is often found in blogs or niche websites that provide valuable information to their target audience. To find these websites, you can use a tool like Google Adwords to search for keywords that have the potential to bring in the most traffic.

To determine the value of a website or blog, you need to look at a variety of metrics. One important number to consider is the number of unique visitors that come to the site each month. The more traffic a site receives, the more valuable it is, as people are more likely to be interested in what the site has to offer. In addition to the unique visitors metric, you should also track the average time users spend on the site per visit and the number of pages visited per visit.

Affiliate Marketing

The fourth source of traffic is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission when someone clicks a sponsored link or buys a product that is promoted on your website. The most popular affiliate programs allow you to earn a commission for each purchase that is made, whether it is a product or a service. To find the sources of affiliate marketing traffic, you can use a tool like Google Analytics to track which products and services people are purchasing after seeing your blog post or website.

Having an affiliate program is beneficial as it provides you with a steady stream of revenue while you continue to explore the growing world of digital marketing.

Display Advertising

The fifth and final source of traffic is display advertising. With display advertising, you will place ads on various websites and social media platforms. You will provide an advertisement that will be displayed to the reader. To find the sources of this type of traffic, you can use a tool like Google Analytics to track which ads have been clicked on and which ones have led to a conversion (e.g. a purchase).

Learn More

To learn more about digital marketing, you can consult numerous textbooks as well as online learning resources. One good place to begin is the Google Digital Marketing Platform where you can take on-line courses that teach you the basics of marketing in today’s digital world.

With the above information, you should now be in a position to determine how many of your competitors are utilizing digital marketing. Keep in mind that not all sources of traffic are created equal. Direct traffic is often the most affordable and easy to obtain, but it typically comes with its own set of problems. If you are looking to expand your reach, you should explore alternatives like social media or affiliate marketing which have the potential to increase your brand’s visibility and eventually drive more business.