Online Video Marketing Training – Best Practices to Learn

If you’re looking to boost your social media presence, consider trying your hand at online video marketing. Also known as “digital video marketing,” this type of marketing blends video and internet marketing to gain brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales.

So, what is online video marketing? In general, it’s using videos to reach and engage with your audience. You may create instructional, explainer, or promotional videos to grow your business.

In addition to instructional videos, you can integrate video content into your website. You can also use online video to capture leads and boost conversions, as well as monitor and analyze customer activity.

To learn more, check out this comprehensive guide on online video marketing training.

Why should you try video marketing?

Videographies have exploded in recent years, so it comes as no surprise that more and more people are turning to online video marketing. In 2016, almost everyone (96%) use video on their iPhone. Moreover, 70% of people use video when browsing online stores, and 59% use it on social media sites.

So, if your target audience is using video, then it makes sense to try and penetrate this market. Video marketing is a fairly new area, so most companies are still learning the ropes. However, with Google steadily improving its AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning capabilities, marketers should try and harness the power of video marketing.

How does video marketing work?

To put it simply, video marketing is all about creating marketing videos to promote your product or service. But it is much more than that. According to HubSpot Blogs research, 83% of consumers would rather read about a product or service in detail before committing to buying it, while only 17% would rather see a short video.

Even if you’re a seasoned marketer, you might be surprised by how differently consumers perceive and value video content. Moreover, video can (and should!) work for any type of business, regardless of industry.

With video being such a crucial part of our lives, it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are investing in video marketing. However, to ensure that you get the best results from your investment, it’s important to set some clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This way, you’ll know if your videos are resonating with your audience, and which ones need to be adjusted or replaced. In addition to this, having a brand voiceover will greatly enhance your videos’ impact.

The Types of Videos You Should Create

There are four main types of videos you should create to maximize your online video marketing success.

Educational Videos

These are typically short clips (between three minutes and five minutes) that can be used to explain something new or provide additional information about a product or service. Ideally, educational videos will use colorful animations, expert interviews, and helpful graphics to bring the information to life for the viewer.

Some brands use educational videos to explain the nuances of their products, while others use them to provide helpful tips. Either way, these types of videos usually have three purposes:

  • To provide consumers with useful information
  • To educate the consumer about the importance of the product
  • To entertain the consumer

If you’re looking for new customers, consider creating an educational video to teach them about your product or service. Moreover, if you’re selling a B2B product (Business to Business), then you might want to consider creating an educational video to teach your target audience about your industry. In general, businesses should use educational videos to provide consumers with useful information about their products or services.

Entertainment Videos

These types of videos are just plain fun to make! Whether you want to create a comedy skit, a music video, or an animated video, you can use a variety of tools to make your video look like a blockbuster. Moreover, with several movie and music video awards to its credit, YouTube is the premiere destination for entertainment videos.

So, if you can think of something fun to make, a video probably already exists to do it. Just remember to keep the content fresh and engaging.

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are long form videos (between six and 10 minutes) that show off the features, functions, and use of a specific product. These videos can be used to generate interest from potential customers, convince existing customers to purchase the product, and encourage staff to use the product daily.

For example, a business might create a product demo video to showcase the features of their new smartphone or laptop. Or, a company could create a product demo video to show off their new line of smart watches. The possibilities are endless!

Product demo videos can also be used to announce major product launches or showcase a new line of products or services.

Sales and Conversion Optimization Videos

If your business is looking to increase sales and convert more leads into customers, then you might want to consider creating a sales and conversion optimization video. This type of video should use all the best practices discussed in this article, plus a little bit more! It should include a compelling call to action (like a CTA – “Click here to learn more”), demonstrate how other businesses have used your product or service to achieve successful marketing results, and introduce new customers to your business.

By incorporating video into your marketing mix, you can learn a lot about your audience’s behavior, decide what’s working and what needs to be changed, and create a more effective marketing campaign in the future.

Marketing Channels To Use

To get the best results from your video marketing campaign, it is important to decide which marketing channels to use. When creating your campaign, you should consider what will get your product or service in front of the right audience. Otherwise, all your video content can become a little bit dull.

Luckily, you have many options when it comes to marketing channels. To succeed online, you need to consider what fits your business, audience, and target demographics.

Consumers Prefer Watching Videos From A Few Meters

According to HubSpot Blogs research, consumers prefer to watch videos from a few meters away, rather than from close up. Videos recorded remotely have 16.8% more likable qualities than those filmed in close-up. This makes viewers more inclined to engage with content, because it makes them feel like they’re not being tricked.

The truth is, video recordings are quite easy to fake. While we might be conditioned to believe that every video is genuine, marketers should be aware that this is far from true. In fact, consumers are often so focused on whether a video is authentic or not that they don’t even bother to think about whether it’s good or bad.

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