Online Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

In the last few years, video has greatly gained in popularity as a source of information and entertainment, with people often watching videos instead of reading articles or watching TV shows.

This increasing trend has caused the market value of video content to soar, and not just in terms of selling goods through advertisements either – creating videos for businesses can be a highly effective marketing tool, even if you don’t always realize it.

Whether you have a product to promote or are just looking to enhance your social media presence, you can use video to its full potential and attract potential customers with ease.

Make Sure Your Video Is Of Good Quality

If you’re filming something with a smartphone, save as much of your battery as possible by using the lowest quality settings or turning off the hardware accelerations entirely. Doing this can help you avoid a lot of grainy and blurred images that are mostly unappetizing to the eye.

Quality matters, especially when you’re paying for video hosting services like YouTube. Make sure you have enough of it so that your video isn’t uncomfortable to watch. When editing your video, use the same settings that you used while recording so that the picture is preserved as much as possible.

Use Keywords In The Descriptive Metadata

Every time you upload a video to YouTube, the video’s metadata – the details that appear on the video’s details page – are automatically filled in for you by the platform. This is where you insert your key words, so try and use them as often as possible in the metadata to maximize your video’s discoverability.

If you’re uploading a video to be used in marketing or educational material, you’ll want to include the brand name, product names, and any other relevant keywords in the metadata to make sure it’s found by the right people.

Curate Videos For Different Platforms

If you have a product that can be used across different platforms – such as a mobile phone or a laptop computer – you can prepare multiple videos to target different audiences. This can be an effective long-term strategy if you want to maximize the reach of your content.

If you’re producing an educational video for a college class, you might want to create a version that’s optimized for the YouTube platform and a second version that’s optimized for traditional online reading platforms like blogs and websites.

Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Plan

Instead of just relying on text descriptions to market your product, you can use video content to introduce your product and gain interest from the audience. For instance, if you’re selling bath bombs, you might want to show what they look like in real life (so that the audience can actually visualize what they’re buying) or use funny demos or useful tips to engage the audience and make them curious to learn more about your products.

A/B testing is a common strategy used by marketers in digital media – you can use it to optimize the layout and content of your videos for greater engagement. For example, you might want to test two different versions of a video: one with a conventional layout and one with a more unconventional design. The results of this test will tell you which layout is more effective for converting potential customers into paying customers.

Use Online Resources To Learn More About Video

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge in the field, you have plenty of options available to you instead of simply watching YouTube videos alone. You can conduct Google searches on the subject, download books from the library, and connect with other professionals through MeetUp groups.

There’s also the option to take a class – either part-time or full-time – on Coursera or EdX, the two most popular online learning platforms. With these resources at your fingertips, the world of video marketing and branding is at your fingertips.

You don’t need to be limited to using YouTube to grow your business. With a little effort, research, and strategizing, you can use video to its full potential and gain much from it.