Online University Courses: 4 Free Marketing Courses

So you’re interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing & you’re looking for ways to learn the trade. Maybe you’re even wondering if an online university degree is the right fit for you. You might be thinking about pursuing an MBA, but you’re not sure whether this is the right move for you. You might be tempted to try and find a job in your chosen field as a Marketing Coordinator or Manager, but you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to secure the right qualifications. You’re not alone. We were all in the same boat at one point. The good news is, you can now study marketing at your own leisure, from anywhere in the world, and develop the right set of skills to equip you for a rewarding career in digital marketing. Below, we’re going to tell you about 4 free, accredited online courses that can help you get started on your journey.

The University of Phoenix – Founded in the 1960s, the University of Phoenix originally developed a reputation for offering American universities a quality education that was reliable and offered at a fraction of the cost that their counterparts were charging. Their no-nonsense attitude towards their students and their dedication to providing an immersive experience has helped create a loyal following. Today, the University of Phoenix is a global institution with campuses across North America, Europe, and Australia. They offer various accredited online degrees, including an MBA, as well as specialized accreditation in digital marketing.

University of Southern California – The University of Southern California offers a uniquely American experience, having been founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1851. Since its inception, the university has always been committed to blending innovative teaching with interactive learning and community involvement. This dedication to creating an engaging learning environment has led to success. The university now offers an accredited online degree in digital marketing, as well as specialized accreditation in marketing analytics and management.

Rutgers – The Rutgers University Online Learning Campus was initially founded in 1896 as the New Jersey State Normal School. It was initially created to provide a quality education to working class citizens. Today, the Rutgers University Online Learning Campus is a global institution with degrees and certificates available to study in any location. Rutgers now offers a specialized Accredited Online Degree in Digital Marketing.

University of Arizona – The University of Arizona was founded in 1885 and originally designed to offer a classical education to Native Americans. Due to its proximity to Phoenix, the campus quickly gained popularity and began to attract students from outside the state. Over the years, the University of Arizona expanded its curriculum, adding additional majors and creating specialized accreditation in digital marketing. This is one of the most popular choices for digital marketing graduates because of the school’s well-deserved reputation.

An accredited online university degree in digital marketing from one of these esteemed institutions will not only give you the knowledge you need to enter the job market, but it will also provide you with the skills you need to excel. Developing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of marketing and analytics can only serve to further your career. Furthermore, being able to study online means you can gain the knowledge you need, no matter where you are in the world. That’s what makes this option so attractive. You no longer have to be confined by geography in your studies. Get the certification you need, pursue your career, and then come back to school when you’ve got a spare moment.