Online Trade Marketing Jobs: The Best Opportunities for Sales People

There are a variety of online marketing jobs available for sales people who are looking for a new challenge. Having a strong social media presence and some SEO knowledge can put you in the right place to find client work, especially as the demand for online marketing services continues to grow.

E-commerce Marketing Manager

If you’re looking to work in e-commerce or online retail, you may be wondering what position you’ll need to take on to be able to succeed. E-commerce marketing managers coordinate product launches, update pricing, and monitor sales for online stores. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring online stores for performance and profitability
  • Managing social media feeds for online stores
  • Updating store pages with pricing, shipping & details about the products
  • Maintaining relationships with key suppliers
  • Collaborating with stores to ensure they’re offering the right products at the right time
  • Creating promotional material for use in e-commerce stores
  • Conducting in-house and online marketing research
  • Attending industry events and forums to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies
  • Managing finances and paying bills

This is a very broad role that covers a lot of ground, but there are obviously many opportunities available for those who fit the bill. Essentially, you’ll be working in an online marketeer role, which is a combination of marketing and sales. The role requires expertise in digital marketing and sales, so it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a new challenge.

Product Launch Manager

Product launch managers are responsible for the introduction of new products or services to the market. They work in a similar manner to the e-commerce marketing manager but instead of working for an online store, you’ll be working for a product launch company. You’ll oversee a product from beginning to end, including researching competitors, identifying needs and wants of target audiences, developing a go-to-market strategy, creating marketing material, and monitoring results. Some of the things you’ll be doing includes:

  • Researching competitors and the market for your new product
  • Determining the features and specifications for your product
  • Developing a price range for your product
  • Creating a marketing strategy for the product
  • Writing a user’s manual for your product
  • Producing promotional videos
  • Sorting through customer feedback to determine what works and what doesn’t
  • Analying traffic to determine popular areas of your site and identifying areas for improvement
  • Measuring the results of your marketing efforts and acting accordingly

This is a very in-demand role, especially considering the need for highly-specialized product launches. It requires a combination of marketing and sales skills, as you’ll be using both approaches to bring in new customers. As a product launch manager, you’ll need to understand the digital marketing and sales processes, as well as how to implement them to achieve optimal results.

Marketing Analyst

Being analytical and having good organizational skills are prerequisites for a marketing analyst. You’ll be working with marketing managers to define key performance indicators and then measure the results of marketing campaigns using analytical tools. Some of the things you’ll be doing includes:

  • Conducting market research to determine the marketing approach and identifying key performance indicators to use
  • Using your research to design marketing campaigns and track their results
  • Writing marketing plans for upcoming campaigns
  • Monitoring and analyzing results from established marketing campaigns
  • Preparing reports on marketing activities for senior management
  • Conducting performance reviews with marketing managers

There are many opportunities for marketing analysts, particularly in the areas of marketing plan implementation and reporting. The role requires a lot of organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as a strong background in marketing. If you have experience with marketing analysis or are looking for a new challenge, this is a good place to start.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the practice of trying to get your website to show up when users perform a search on search engines like Google or Bing. It’s a combination of marketing and sales, but instead of selling a product, you’ll be optimizing websites for maximum exposure on the internet. Some of the things you’ll be doing includes:

  • Analyzing keywords, using tools like Google Keyword Planner, to discover the most appealing terms for your industry
  • Researching the competition and seeing what keywords they are using
  • Creating meta descriptions for webpage articles, using the keywords you discovered to create concise, compelling descriptions
  • Linking frequently to relevant content on other sites to grow your visitors’ social media following
  • Setting up automated email campaigns, using software like HubSpot, to connect with potential customers
  • Monitoring Google Analytics to see where your efforts are paying off and taking your site to the next level

This is a very in-demand role, as the need for SEO specialists will only continue to grow as more and more people use the internet to perform daily tasks like searching for information or doing online shopping. If you have experience in SEO, this is a great opportunity to jump into a marketing role.

Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager is similar to a search engine optimization specialist, except that you’ll be creating and curating content to engage with potential and existing customers. Some of the things you’ll be doing includes:

  • Creating and curating content for websites and blogs
  • Writing product reviews, creating guides, and answering questions about your industry
  • Tracking key performance indicators, measuring results, and adjusting strategy as needed
  • Creating compelling calls to action — such as subscribing to a newsletter or following a link or button to take you to a product detail page
  • Generating interest in your product or service among customers, website visitors, and potential new leads through social media platforms

As a content marketing manager, you’ll need to be able to balance content creation with an understanding of marketing. Also, you’ll need to be comfortable speaking in public and writing compelling copy for various platforms. This is a great opportunity for those looking for a change of pace from their sales career, as you’ll be using your knowledge of marketing to create content that sells products or services.

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing managers are in charge of designing and executing email campaigns for a variety of industries, including retail, health care, and travel. You’ll be building and testing email marketing campaigns, analyzing results, and determining the next steps for future campaigns. Some of the things you’ll be doing includes:

  • Analyzing email opening rates, click-throughs, and conversion rates to determine the success of an email marketing campaign
  • Optimizing subject lines, using A/B testing, to obtain the best results from customers
  • Setting up automated email campaigns, using applications like MailChimp, to send pre-programmed emails to registered customers
  • Designing emails, using tools like InfusionSoft, to create effective and beautiful messages
  • Drafting email marketing content, using tools like MS Word and Slice
  • Sending emails, using tools like MailChimp and InfusionSoft, to individual customers or subscriber lists
  • Creating email newsletters, using tools like MailChimp and InfusionSoft, to maintain contact with customers

As an email marketing manager, you’ll need to be able to think critically and be able to multi-task effectively. You’ll also need to have a good understanding of email protocols, reading comprehension, and be able to write clear, concise campaigns. This is a great job opportunity if you’re looking for something new.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

A digital marketing coordinator plans and executes online marketing campaigns for a variety of industries, including retail and e-commerce. The role requires a lot of collaboration and problem-solving, as you’ll be working with marketing managers, web developers, and content creators to make sure campaigns are implemented and set up correctly.