Online Sales and Marketing Degrees: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to make a career change and become an online marketer? Or perhaps you’re looking for an alternative route and decide to pursue an online sales degree?

With the world shifting to a digital sphere, there’s certainly no denying that the lines between marketing and sales have blurred. Offline marketing departments have been replaced by online marketing teams, and vice versa. It would be a missed opportunity not to mention a bit of an understatement to say that a marketing degree alone won’t cut it in today’s ever-evolving world of commerce.

While many companies have embraced and benefited from a blended model, there’s still a distinct difference between online marketers and online sellers. Knowing which one you want to pursue is an important decision, and it might be best to consider various factors. Here are just some of them.

Marketing And Sales Are Often Confusing

It’s important to recognize that marketing and sales are often confusing. After all, you’re marketing a product, and you’re selling a product. It could be that you’re marketing the same product but for a different audience, which in turn could lead to more sales. Furthermore, marketing often covers a variety of topics, such as social media marketing, which can include blogging and content marketing. A content strategist focuses on creating engaging and informative content that draws targeted audiences to your site. While a social media marketer focuses on getting the word out about your business through various platforms.

In addition to confusion due to the blurred lines between marketing and sales, there’s also the issue of authority. Does someone in sales have more authority over the company’s marketing decisions than someone in marketing? It might be best to decide based on where you’ll fit in the company’s overall structure. Another important consideration is whether you’ll be working with customers face-to-face or via a remote connection such as Skype or Teams.

The Demand For Online Marketing Managers

If you’re considering an online marketing degree, you’ll likely discover that there’s a distinct lack of job opportunities. While the demand for online marketing managers isn’t going away, it might be a good idea to seek opportunities in industries that aren’t as saturated with digital marketing specialists.

That way, you can assure yourself of better job security and perhaps even make more money in the long run. If you’re looking for a more stable position with better pay, consider an online marketing manager role in a digital marketing agency. The demand for those jobs is high, and the stability and security offered by a digital marketing agency is unparalleled.

The Growth Of Online Marketing Specialties

As we’ve mentioned, the lines between marketing and sales have blurred. This is leading to new specializations within marketing. For example, SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing your website or blog for better organic rankings in search engine results. The advantage of SEO is that it draws upon specialized knowledge that is relevant to the customer’s needs. In other words, rather than relying upon general marketing keywords, you’re optimizing the copy and content of your site for the right words and phrases. The disadvantage of SEO is that it can be slightly tricky to learn, and it takes a while to achieve results.

Content marketing is all about putting content out into the world to reach an audience. The content might be anything from an eBook to a whitepaper or a case study. Ideally, the content will engage the reader and compel them to take some form of action. The advantage of content marketing is that it can be extremely flexible. Depending on your niche, you might be able to find the right content for your target audience regardless of your budget. The disadvantage of content marketing is that it can be difficult to measure. It’s often hard to tell whether a certain piece of content is responsible for driving in traffic, or whether it was simply a lucky shot.

Remote Jobs Available For Those Wishing To Work From Home

Even for those looking for a stable career, there are options that allow you to work remotely. With remote jobs available for those wishing to work from home, there’s no reason to put off your studies. You can even take classes part-time as and when you can, without the burden of a full-time workload. Working remotely isn’t for everyone, especially those looking for a stable career. However, for those who want to work remotely, particularly from home, studying a business degree from the comfort of your couch might be the answer you’re looking for.

Become An Expert In Your Market

As a student, you’re probably already receiving lots of information. However, what you might not be getting enough of are the opportunities to actually practice what you’re learning. It’s important to seek out as many specialty-related classes as possible while at university. Doing so will give you the chance to put your knowledge into practice and become an expert in your market. A business degree won’t automatically make you an expert in every market. However, a good degree should open more doors than ever before.

In your first few months as a graduate, seek out as many jobs as possible. Doing so will give you the best shot at landing a coveted role within your industry. After you’ve done so, you can choose to focus on finding a specialty and making yourself an expert in your market. Alternatively, you can seek out more generalist roles and gain experience in a variety of industries.