Online Retail and Pinterest: The Perfect Combination?

The world of ecommerce is a ever-changing one, but one thing remains constant: the need to adapt in order to thrive.

In the past, physical malls were the places to go if you needed to purchase something. These days, with online shopping gaining popularity, malls are becoming less of a necessity.

However, in the case of online retailers who sell fashion products, malls have become almost fundamental. Fashion retailers need to be present in as many major cities as possible, and malls allow them to extend their reach into smaller towns and villages.

What is more, if you are a fashion retailer and you want to attract more millennial and Gen Z shoppers, then the last thing you need is an overcrowded mall that makes them feel intimidated. Instead, you need a welcoming online environment that feels like a luxury brand hotel.

This is where Pinterest comes in. If you aren’t familiar, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking and planning tool that is popular among millennials. It is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who loves to shop online. Pinterest is filled with thousands of products, all of which can be conveniently stored in “boards.” These boards can be created around any theme, and they allow users to quickly and easily get inspiration for future shopping trips.

It’s clear that fashion retailers need to do their homework when it comes to attracting shoppers under 50. From email marketing to store layout and navigation, creating an environment that is both safe and encouraging is priority number one. That is why, when planning a new store or web space, it is essential to consider the use of Pinterest.

Why Should Fashion Sellers Care About Pinterest?

First, and most importantly, fashion shoppers on Pinterest are more open to new ideas. Thanks to the service’s steep learning curve, users are able to discover new products and brands easily. In one fell swoop, you can introduce a luxury brand without ever having bought a single item from them, simply by sharing their products with your followers on Pinterest.

In addition to being able to gain brand favor with the click of a button, fashion retailers stand to gain financially from Pinterest. The platform pays affiliate marketers a commission for each item sold via a link or an embedded video on Pinterest. According to VentureBeat, affiliate marketers earn approximately $2.9 billion per year from Pinterest alone. That is a lot of money to leave on the table if you want to keep your customers.

Where Do I Start?

If you are looking to integrate Pinterest into your website or store, then you should first consider the type of product you sell. In the world of fashion, that is a minefield. There are so many pitfalls that you can fall into, from copyright infringement to damaging your brand’s reputation. That is why it is essential to pick your spot wisely.

The first step is to determine whether or not you can use content from third parties without copyright infringement. For example, can you use a picture from or do you need to license the image?

The same goes for videos. If you want to use one in your marketing, then you will need to ask permission from the creator first. Otherwise, you are going to be in violation of YouTube’s Content ID policy. Thanks to the explosion of TikTok and its ilk, content creators can now sue you for using their content without permission. Even if you don’t plan on monetizing videos, the threat of being sued still exists.

Once you have established that you can use content freely, the next step is to find a reliable supplier of fashion products. Doing business with a reputable company that has been in the industry for years is always a good idea. If you get a quality product at a good price, you will be able to take advantage of the trend without hurting your wallet too much.

How Can My Wardrobe Benefit From This?

If you have a large following on Pinterest and you have established that you can use content freely, then the next step is to examine your wardrobe and see what can be integrated with Pinterest. As you build your wardrobe in the coming months, think about how you can use the service to its advantage.

In the past, if you wanted to use an image on Pinterest, you would need to buy it separately or create it yourself at high cost. Now, with the explosion of TikTok and its ilk, users can share their very own fashion images at no cost. If you can find a way to utilize these images on your platform, you will be able to establish yourself as an authoritative voice on your chosen topic, as well as provide a valuable service to your followers.

In addition to using images that are already online, users on TikTok and its ilk can also record themselves as they put outfits together and share it with the world. If you include a link to this board in your bio, then you can gain additional followers who might also have something to offer.

Where Do I Go From Here?

After you have set up your wardrobe on Pinterest, the next step is to begin expanding your reach to as many people as possible. That is where the importance of malls comes in. These retail spaces allow you to establish your brand and sell your products to the general public. However, if you want to make sure that your products reach as many people as possible, then you will need to consider the use of social media.

With the explosion of TikTok, Instagram, and its ilk, content creators have found a way to reach a wide audience quickly and effectively. Instead of worrying about whether or not your product will be accepted by the public, you can now focus on establishing your brand and generating revenue. If you want to gain as much traction as possible, then you should consider spending a small amount of money on social media ads.

In addition to gaining popularity with social media users, your product will also have the opportunity to be featured on popular blogs and websites. That is a good place for retailers to be found. As long as you continue to improve your product and provide valuable content, then you will be able to build a sizable audience and make the most of Pinterest.