7 Online Phone Number Tools for Tracking Marketing Activities

In the world of digital marketing, sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all the activities across different platforms.

From building and engaging with communities to executing marketing campaigns and analyzing results, monitoring activities can feel more like a chore than a pleasure. This is where tools like PhoneMeta come in.

What is PhoneMeta?

PhoneMeta is an innovative phone number verification and monitoring service that brings all the tools and features of a full-fledged marketing and analytics platform to users on the go.

Through the power of mobile phones and social media, marketers can now have access to data about their customers, leads, and campaigns- all from a simple and intuitive interface on their mobile device.

What makes PhoneMeta special?

With PhoneMeta, marketers can keep track of all the important details of their marketing efforts in one place. The software provides dashboards that aggregate relevant data from various platforms like email, social media, and web analytics. This makes it easy to quickly view important information about a campaign, such as the number of engaged followers on social media or the email list segmentation—all from a single interface.

Additionally, when a phone number is matched with a connected account, relevant data about that account can be displayed. This includes information like social media handles and profile images, web analytics, and email marketing metrics. Through the use of APIs, all the data in the dashboard is easily accessible and shareable with other systems, such as web forms.

Why should you try out PhoneMeta?

Besides the fact that it’s pretty cool to use a software product built with mobile phones in mind, there are several notable advantages to using PhoneMeta.

You can start by simply entering a phone number and clicking the verify button. A random phone number generator will then route your call through to the nearest representative. During the verification process, you will be asked additional questions to flesh out your opinion on various products and services. This way, the consumer can easily find the most suitable product for their needs.

As a marketer, you can then set up automated outreach emails and make calls to potential customers. You can also import leads from various sources like social media or affiliate marketing to follow up and close the sale.

1. Get real-time stats on how your marketing efforts are performing

The first and most obvious advantage of PhoneMeta is to provide you with real-time stats about the success of your marketing campaigns.

With everything from the call monitoring to the dashboards and reporting, you can quickly get a clear picture of how well your various marketing efforts are performing. For example, you can track the conversion rate of your email campaigns and determine which methods of communication are bringing in the most business.

2. Keep track of all the important details of your marketing efforts

One of the things that can make your job as a marketer a little easier is the ability to keep track of all the important details of your marketing efforts. PhoneMeta makes this process much simpler by providing you with all the relevant data in one place.

You can set up automated alerts for when important data thresholds are crossed (like when a new lead comes in, another one converts, or an email campaign achieves a certain open rate). Then, when an alert is triggered, you will be notified via email—a perfect follow-up to a busy day and an important message to keep in mind for the next campaign.

3. Identify potential trouble spots before they turn into problems

Another advantage to using a tool like PhoneMeta is to easily identify potential trouble spots before they turn into major problems. Through the integration with Google Analytics, you can track the path that a lead or customer takes from one page to the next. This includes things like landing pages, social media, and email senders to ensure that every aspect of their journey across all marketing channels is monitored and recorded.

4. Use behavioral segmentation to find the most suitable audience for your products or services

The last advantage of PhoneMeta is to use behavioral segmentation to find the most suitable audience for your products or services.

This is where the software gets a little bit smarter than your average lead gen tool. Using digital marketing and analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can determine the online behavior of your audience. For example, you can target specific audiences based on their country, gender, or age group.

Through the use of user authentication when a phone number is entered, you can then target the right person with content that fits their needs, regardless of whether that person is a current or potential customer. For instance, if you notice that certain social media posts are particularly valuable to females in your target market, you can create additional content that is geared toward them.

5. Monitor and review all critical customer communications

The last but not least advantage of PhoneMeta is to monitor and review all critical customer communications.

When a call is routed through to a customer service representative, the flow of the conversation can be easily captured through an inbound call center’s call recording feature. All calls are then transcribed and included in the customer’s record, which can be accessed at any time through the customer portal.

This type of real-time review, as well as other engagement metrics like opening emails and checking social media, can help you determine the effectiveness of your inbound marketing strategies. It also provides a review of how well your employees are performing, and whether or not they are following up effectively with customers.

As a marketer, when you’re trying to decide which digital marketing tools to invest in, it’s important to consider all the pros and the cons. While there are definitely many advantages to using a tool like PhoneMeta, you should also be aware of its limits.

For starters, this is not a replacement for basic tracking and analysis tools, like Google Analytics. The data that PhoneMeta collects is not always complete or up-to-date, and it does not come with an endless dashboard filled with all the useful metrics you could want. If you’re looking for detailed reports and rich analytics, you should look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a simple, lightweight solution to track your marketing activities and analyze the results, then you might want to try out PhoneMeta.