Online Personal Trainer Marketing Book – 10 Tips to Grow Your Business

If you’re interested in starting your own online personal trainer marketing business, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll cover 10 tips on how to build a profitable business, including how to market your fitness channel.

Get A Website

One of the first things you’ll need to do to grow your business is to get a website. Nowadays, it is quite easy to create a simple website for free using platforms like WordPress or Shopify. Do not forget to set up Google Analytics and make sure to optimize your web pages for SEO. The more organic traffic you get the more money you will make. Plus when your potential customers are searching for fitness coaches near them, your website will appear at the top of the results.

Invest In Good Quality Gear

Another essential piece of gear you’ll need for your fitness business is quality cameras, microphones, and monitors. The higher the resolution the better so ensure you purchase at least a 4K display.

Hire A Freelancer To Help Market Your Channel

If you can’t spend the money on the above-mentioned equipment, then you’ll need to hire someone to help market your channel for you. Hiring a freelance marketer is a good idea as they will help you set up adverts on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They will also help design a strategic plan for your digital marketing campaign.

Find Your Niche

The best thing about creating a fitness channel is that there is an abundance of sub-genres to dive into. Whether you want to become the best personal trainer in your area or want to create content for the elderly, there will always be a niche for you. To find your niche identify what interests you and then create content around that.

Customize Your Reach

One of the biggest mistakes newbie personal trainers make is believing that just because they have a personal training brand doesn’t mean they should limit their reach to just people in their local area. This kind of thinking prevents them from engaging with their audience and causing them to lose interest in your program. You should always be thinking about how you can reach the largest audience possible to maximize your revenue. To do this, you’ll need to become a member of a relevant fitness community on social media and then engage with people there. You can also use tools like Google Geo-targeting to get more specific results when searching for personal trainers near me.

Focus On Growing Your Audience

Now that you have a sizeable audience you need to start thinking about what you’re going to do with it. The first thing you should do is create more content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to put out new videos every week, but it means that you should ensure that you put out fresh and original content at least twice a week.

Varying your content is a great way to keep your audience engaged. For example, you could use a podcast to tell stories about life as a fitness trainer and give advice on how to deal with different situations. Or, you could use an online magazine to post articles about health, wellness, and fitness trends and keep your audience up-to-date with the latest news and developments in your industry.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

One of the simplest and yet most effective ways to make money with a fitness channel is through affiliate marketing. Essentially, affiliate marketing is a way to earn a commission when one of your affiliate products is bought. Many affiliate marketers use affiliate networks to connect with businesses they’re not familiar with, allowing them to generate sales leads and grow their affiliate marketing business. You’ll need to join an affiliate network to participate in affiliate marketing, but it’s a great place to start if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money from your fitness channel.

Manage Your Health And Wellbeing

As your business grows, you’ll start to see more and more clients, which will eventually lead you to believe that you can simply charge what you want for your services. While it is true that you can charge what you want for personal training sessions now, this cannot be the case forever. In order to grow your business and maintain a good reputation you’ll need to ensure you’re delivering value and that you know how to manage your health and wellbeing. People are more likely to pay for personal training sessions if they feel it will help them achieve a healthier lifestyle or if they’re experiencing some sort of health issue and want to see how a trainer can help. Think of something that would make your clients proud to be connected with your brand and the way you manage their health.

Build A Loyal Client Base

One of the things that will make your personal training business stand out is a loyal client base. You’ll want to create a community of clients who are happy to pay your rates and are also confident enough in your abilities to recommend you to their family and friends. Whenever possible, engage with your audience by responding to any questions they may have and showing them that you’re interested in helping grow their trust in you as a trainer.

Make Money With Live Chat

Another way to make money from a personal training business is to offer live chat sessions with customers. One of the biggest platforms for online chat rooms is Discord, with users logging in from all over the world. Not only that, but you can also use many of the same strategies discussed above to make money with a live chat product.

Scale Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your business quickly, then you’ll need to consider how you’re going to do so. One of the best things about having your own business is that you’re in full control of how you grow it. You can use platforms like Shopify to easily create an online store where you can sell your products, including fitness equipment and supplements, as well as provide your clients with a memorable experience. If you’re looking to grow your business fast then consider what would help you do so.