How to Perform Online Performance Marketing in Richardson, TX

The Covid-19 pandemic was just a blip on the radar. Many companies had to close their doors, and with some adjusting, people can now enjoy some level of socialization and connection through distance learning platforms and digital networking.

But while the world may have changed, the need for marketing remains, and it is evolving to match. Today, digital marketing is more integral to a business’ growth than ever before, and firms like TopNotch Marketing are taking advantage, using the perks that the pandemic presented to establish themselves as leaders in digital marketing.

We spoke with Nicole Topf, Director of Marketing at TopNotch Marketing, about the evolving role of marketing in the Covid age and how they’re using the opportunity to reinvent the field.

The Evolving Role of Marketing

“Marketing used to be about spending a lot of money on TV advertisements, but now it’s about sharing content that speaks to fans, engaging with customers, and establishing credibility,” said Topf. “Being able to communicate with customers through various platforms is crucial. It’s not enough to just have a website. You have to have a presence on every platform possible.”

The pandemic presented an opportunity for marketing to step up and prove its value and relevance. While many companies laid off staff or trimmed margins in the wake of the crisis, TopNotch Marketing saw an opening and took full advantage.

“We knew that some businesses would struggle, while others would be able to pivot and make the most of the situation,” said Topf. “We wanted to position ourselves as a thought leader in digital marketing and use the opportunity to further develop our skills. The pandemic gave us the chance to improve productivity, communicate with customers, and establish credibility.”

Why Did TopNotch Marketing Want to Reinvent Digital Marketing in Richardson, TX?

As a firm with a base in Richardson, TX, TopNotch Marketing knew that re-emerging into the workforce would be a challenge following the pandemic. But the opportunity to establish themselves as experts in the field was too good to pass up.

“We wanted to set ourselves apart from other digital marketing agencies in Richardson, TX, and establish ourselves as thought leaders in the field,” said Topf. “It’s about having the skills to analyze a customer’s digital journey and about utilizing content to make that journey easy and fun. That’s how we see our role as marketers.”

They used to be a one-trick pony, delivering ads and marketing collateral to businesses. But with more and more businesses operating remotely and digitally, they saw an opportunity to evolve their role.

“There is a huge demand for marketing agencies that can handle remote work and digital marketing,” said Topf. “We see the demand and want to provide best-in-class services to meet those needs. We can handle any size business with confidence, from small local businesses to enterprise-level companies.”

The pandemic also provided them with the chance to communicate with their customers more effectively, establishing credibility and gaining trust. While many businesses took a hit during the pandemic, TopNotch Marketing was able to establish themselves as thought leaders in digital marketing and gain trust from customers with their knowledge and expertise.

“Being able to communicate effectively in writing and in person, coupled with our ability to analyze data and present findings in a clear and concise manner, gives us an edge in our services,” said Topf. “It’s important to establish credibility and gain trust when marketing during the pandemic – it’s the key to unlocking potential customers.”

Businesses are now eager to get back to work and are seeking marketing agencies that can help them reestablish credibility and trust, as well as gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

“Our services are in high demand, and we’re looking to expand into other areas of Texas,” said Topf. “Many of our clients come to us with questions about SEO, content marketing, and social media, among others. Now that the world is on the road to recovery, our services are even more in demand.”