How to Choose the Best Online Network Marketing Software

Online Network Marketing (ONM) software is crucial for any business that joins the affiliate marketing world. Similar to traditional offline networking, online networking allows you to build a business community of people interested in or needing your products or services. However, unlike traditional offline networking, you have the ability to connect with potential customers 24/7 across the globe.

The type of products and services that you offer is irrelevant; what matters is that you can connect buyers and sellers and generate revenue. To do this you’ll need a tool that allows you to efficiently track conversions throughout the sales process and provide outstanding customer service.

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to choose the best online network marketing software for your business. We’ll cover five key areas that you should consider before making a purchase decision. These include features, pricing, support, reliability, and security.


The first and most important decision that you need to make when choosing a network marketing software solution is to determine what features are essential for your business. You can find a complete list of standard features below. However, keep in mind that not all businesses will need or want all of these features.

To name a few:

  • Two-Way Tracking
  • Live Chat
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Lead Management
  • Event Planning
  • Reporting
  • Referral Spam Management
  • Online Store

Each of these features is crucial for providing an exceptional customer experience and generating revenue. To learn more, read our in-depth article on How to Choose a Suitable Online Network Marketing Platform.


The pricing structure of a network marketing software solution is one of the key factors to consider when choosing a product. There are three prices that you need to know about:

  • Free Trial
  • Basic
  • Pro

The first two are important to note as they affect your decision of whether or not to continue using the product or service. The free trial lets you test out the product to see if it’s suitable for your business before committing to a purchase. You can use this option to ensure that you’re not being fooled by a product that doesn’t live up to your expectations. The basic version limits your monthly costs to a reasonable amount, preventing you from being overly charged by the software manufacturer. However, if you have a large network and lots of marketing contacts, you may want to consider the professional version which provides you with additional features.


Just as with any other product, you’ll need to consider whether or not you want or need support when choosing a network marketing solution. For some businesses, the level of support that is available may not be adequate. If you’re looking for a product that requires lots of maintenance and customization, then consider other options.


The reliability of a product or service is another important factor to consider when choosing a network marketing solution. You don’t want to buy a product that breaks down after only a few months of use, especially when you’re paying so much for it. There are several aspects that you need to look out for in terms of reliability. You can find a complete list of these factors below:

  • Up-time
  • Data Backups
  • Hardware & Software Architecture
  • Fully Stocked Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Dedicated Customer Support

One of the major issues that you may encounter with a less reliable product is that you can’t count on it being available when you need it. The more stable and reliable the product, the fewer headaches you’ll have when using it. The last thing that you want is to have a problem with your product and be forced to contact the vendor for assistance. This is likely to result in you spending lots of additional money without any guarantee that the issue will be resolved promptly.


The last but not least important factor that you need to consider when choosing a network marketing software solution is to assess how secure the product is. The main purpose of this factor is to ensure that your personal and business data is secure and can’t be accessed by third parties. Similar to the other four factors, this one is also crucial to your decision-making process. To learn more, read our data security article which includes detailed information about the security offered by different vendors. This article will assist you in making the right choice when it comes to a network marketing software solution.

Choosing a suitable online network marketing software for your business can be a daunting task. However, by following these five stepswithin you’ll be able to make the right decision and find the best solution for your business.