Online MBA in Digital Marketing – 3 Things You Should Know

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed the world of higher education. While most universities have re-opened their doors, some have resorted to using online courses to provide their students with a valuable learning experience even while school is closed.

This shift to an online mode of learning has also impacted the world of business. While the importance of marketing in today’s world cannot be denied, it is unquestionable that the methods through which we connect with potential customers has changed. What’s more, traditional marketing approaches such as flyers and magazines are no longer effective in attracting potential buyers.

The following will discuss three things you need to know if you’re considering taking an online MBA in digital marketing.

1. Get An Education In A Valuable Discipline

Digital marketing is a relatively new and evolving discipline. Just a few years ago, it was all about simply marketing products on social media. Today, it is a much more comprehensive discipline that takes into account all aspects of marketing, both traditional and digital.

By taking an online MBA in digital marketing, you’ll not only be able to gain in-demand job skills, but you’ll also be able to gain an education from one of the most reputable online universities in the world. Through their Top-Notch Education initiative, DeVry University provides a free, extensive digital marketing course that is accredited.

2. Get Work Experience

The second important thing you need to consider if you’re planning to take an online MBA in digital marketing is getting work experience. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to gain experience without having worked previously. While digital marketing is a relatively new industry, there are already plenty of opportunities for you to gain relevant experience. For instance, to further your education, you could consider applying for a job as a marketing intern or assistant at a reputable marketing agency.

Many large marketing agencies have implemented online offices, allowing them to provide work experience to students even from afar. During this time, you could take on a variety of tasks, ranging from marketing analysis to campaign creation. Furthering your education while gaining valuable experience is one approach you could consider.

3. Consider Earning A Certificate Instead Of A Degree

The third important thing you need to consider if you’re planning to take an online MBA in digital marketing is whether to pursue a certificate or a degree. While many universities will provide you with a solid base level of knowledge, earning a certificate will allow you to further your education and gain new competencies more quickly. What’s more, you will not need to take on huge amounts of debt to do so.

A certificate holder’s status is often seen as a stepping stone to a higher degree. Having earned a certificate in digital marketing, you could look to further your education and gain a new skill set in the field. Alternatively, you could complete a more extensive course in digital marketing and achieve your bachelor’s degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree will further your education and provide you with a new set of job opportunities. Finally, you could consider exploring non-traditional routes to further your education, such as a virtual learning environment or co-op work experience.

In order to best tailor your education to suit your career goals, you should consider taking an in-demand certificate that will directly translate to on the job opportunities you wish to pursue. Alternatively, you could consider a generalist bachelor’s degree, which will provide you with a solid foundation in the field.

Many marketing specialists find themselves in a catch-22 situation because they lack the necessary education but possess the desired in-demand job skills. An online MBA in digital marketing can help you to overcome this issue because it provides you with the necessary education while also enabling you to access the job opportunities you wish to pursue.