Online Master’s in Marketing: No Gmat Required

So you’re interested in pursuing an online Master’s in Marketing? Great! Keep reading.

You might be familiar with the concept of an online Master’s in business administration (MBA), which provides you with a full-time online education while allowing you to work remotely. In similar fashion, an online Master’s in marketing is a valid option, too. You’ll receive a fully-accredited online MBA, but in lieu of the regular classroom environment you’ll receive coursework via a virtual learning platform. As a result, you can still maintain your existing work-life balance, which is great if you’re concerned about balancing work and play.

An online Master’s in marketing isn’t for everyone, though. If you’re looking to further your education in a traditional classroom environment, you might consider an in-person option. The catch is that you’ll likely have to secure funding for your postgraduate studies, as many online degree programs aren’t fully accredited. In other words, you’ll have to prove that you’re worth the expenditure. This can be a considerable challenge if you’re looking for funding through private or public grants.

The Advantages Of An Online Marketing Degree

The advantages of an online marketing degree are numerous. Due to the nature of the education (i.e., online), you’ll be able to take the coursework and test yourself on challenging assignments and case studies that you can’t find in a traditional classroom. On top of that, you’ll be able to work at your own pace without having to worry about keeping up with the traditional school schedule.

Even better, some of the most prestigious universities in the world have recognized the value of online education and have established online Master’s in marketing (or other related fields like social media). Thus, if you’re looking for a graduate degree that will help you advance your career, an online Master’s in marketing might be a great option. Keep reading for more information about how to apply for this type of program.

The Cost Of An Online Marketing Degree

The cost of an online Master’s in Marketing depends on several factors, such as the university you’ll be applying to and the type of degree you’ll be pursuing. Typically, an online Master’s in marketing will set you back a five-figure sum, but other graduate degrees in marketing can cost up to ten thousand dollars per year. Keep in mind that grants and financial aid aren’t necessarily excluded from this type of degree program. So even if you don’t receive any form of financial assistance, the five or ten thousand dollars you’ll have to pay out of pocket might not seem so bad if you’re working in a field that offers you good job prospects.

Is An Online Marketing Degree Worth It?

An online marketing degree isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a traditional classroom environment, an in-person MBA might be a better option. Still, if you want to pursue a career in marketing and you’re curious about the value of an online degree, consider all the pros and the cons.

On the one hand, you have the freedom and flexibility of an online degree. On the other hand, you have the social interaction and classroom experience that comes with a traditional campus degree. Ultimately, it depends on what you value more: the freedom to learn how to be effective in a self-directed manner or the chance to meet others who share your passion for marketing.