What is Wheatley and Why Should You Know About It?

Wheatley is the UK’s largest holiday village on the banks of the River Thames. Nestled among the rolling hills and verdant meadows of the Home Counties, this picturesque village has a wonderful variety of quaint, traditional thatched cottages, charming teal green-painted terrace houses, and even majestic stately homes.

Its prestigious address, riverside location, and magnificent garden bridges make it an ideal destination for high-end, sophisticated Londoners, who want to escape the bustle of the big city for a while and indulge in some high-class R&R.

So, what is Wheatley and why should you know about it? Let’s find out.

The History Of The Escapade

Wheatley was originally a group of fishing villages, dating back to Saxon times. In 1881, John Marley (an early developer of the village) constructed the first ever “walking”, or garden, bridge over the River Thames. Since then, the village has been developing in line with the times and the changing fashions, with leisure parks and sailing clubs replacing fishing ponds and waterlogged football pitches.

In the coming years, as the railway network expanded, travelling to the seaside became easier. This, combined with the increasing appetite for fresh air and fitness following the First World War, encouraged more and more people to relocate to the leafy suburbs of London and take up residence in a garden property.

Wheatley was one of the first villages to embrace this trend, and by the late 1920s, it became home to some of the most affluent residents of London. In the 1930s and ‘40s, the village’s population soared as more and more people flocked there to escape the grim realities of life in a post-war Britain.

Since then, its fortunes have fluctuated as the country’s economy changed and diversified. These days, though, it is firmly established as one of London’s most popular commuter villages, attracting residents from all over the city and beyond.

All Things Scenic

If there is one thing that defines Wheatley, it is its picturesque scenery. Even now, as we’ve mentioned, the village sits on a scenic bend of the River Thames, overlooked by iconic tower bridges and framed by leafy green hills. It doesn’t get much more scenic than this. The village is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

There are also plenty of activities on offer should you desire to spend your holidays in a more active way. The village doesn’t solely limit its activities to relaxation and pleasure, either. It has a long history of hosting athletic events and festivals, with an outdoor football pitch, cricket pitch (both floodlit), and tennis courts among the village’s many sporting facilities.

In fact, the village’s sporting heritage is commemorated in the name of its most prominent residential street, All Saints Road, which is graced with the ruins of a 13th-century church surrounded by a magnificent graveyard – the final resting place of some of the village’s most prominent residents.

A Great Option For Those Seeking R&R

An ideal location for solitary introverts looking for some peace and relaxation, however, perhaps not the most suitable for families or large groups travelling together. The village’s only nightclub, The Mill, or one of its restaurants, The Crab Tree (for some traditional English cream tea) are the only places where you may hear loud, obnoxious music blaring out into the streets late at night.

If you are seeking a quiet weekend away, or just want to have a barbeque with your friends and family, you will be better off staying at a hotel in town.

Fully Equipped For Modern Living

The best thing about living in a glorious village like Wheatley is that you have all the modern conveniences available at your fingertips. In the village, you will find everything from small, independent bookshops and eateries serving up traditional English fare, to hairdressing salons and spas, wine bars and trendy boutiques. There’s even a travel agency staffed by volunteers who can assist with planning your luxury getaway.

The people of Wheatley are extremely welcoming and helpful, too. The village’s primary school even boasts a “welcome centre”, where you can get all the information you need to settle into your new surroundings. If you do encounter any problems, you can call upon the village’s 24-hour security team for assistance.

In short, should you be looking for a peaceful, secluded location with all the creature comforts you could desire, look no further. We’re confident that you will not be disappointed.