Online Marketing: Wadsworth, Ohio

Wadsworth, Ohio, is a small city in the midwest of the United States, tucked away in the Appalachian foothills. It is far from being the type of place you would expect to see a lot of online activity – especially marketing activity. However, the town has actively embraced digital marketing, utilizing online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to gain exposure and attract visitors.

Let’s take a look at how the people of Wadsworth have used digital marketing to grow their community and engage with customers.


The rise of eCommerce has undoubtedly played a major role in the revitalization of small towns across the U.S. In an effort to attract more customers to their stores, many businesses in Wadsworth have turned to online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay to increase their reach and to offer consumers what they want when they want it. As a result, online shopping has become a popular option for many residents, with one-third of the town’s businesses operating as eCommerce stores.

eCommerce has also given rise to new retail opportunities in small towns. Folio, a company that specializes in publishing business-to-business eCommerce catalogs, saw sales increase from $16 million to $22 million just in Q3 2018. With more and more businesses turning to online marketplaces, it is clear that eCommerce has great potential to spark small-town economies and create new jobs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than just an advertising method – it’s a strategy that can be used to enhance a business’s online presence and attract potential customers. To best utilize content marketing, businesses in Wadsworth have turned to digital marketing agencies such as Tailwind Marketing, which offers content strategy, planning, and management services, and Optimizely, a performance marketing platform that can assist with website analysis and content creation.

Content marketing done right can boost a business’s SEO, attract people to their site through organic search, and provide informative and useful information that will keep them coming back for more. When businesses in town have used content marketing to grow their audiences, the effects have been significant: Zane Maguire, owner of Future Marketing, which specializes in digital marketing for small businesses, has seen organic traffic increase by 300% and website clicks increase by 550% since implementing content marketing strategies.

Social Media

The information age has allowed for the rise of new platforms that can be used for business marketing. While the vast majority of internet users now have a Facebook account, the service was originally designed for educational purposes only. Since then, it has become a valuable tool for marketers, businesses, and governments to engage with and educate consumers.

While social media can be a useful tool for businesses, it can also pose a major threat to personal privacy. In an effort to protect their customers’ information, many companies have taken the precaution of restricting their customers’ social media activity to only certain audiences or segments (e.g., customers who bought this product). Similarly, many platforms such as Twitter and Facebook now offer a paid option for businesses that want to protect their brand and content from being republished by unauthorized users.


Video content is also growing rapidly, with almost all major internet browsers now supporting video galleries and web users spending nearly 4 hours per day on video content.

Whether it’s a quick video intro for customers that want to learn more about your product or a full-blown marketing video that will leave an impression on potential customers, videos can be a useful tool for business in towns like Wadsworth. To take advantage of this trend, businesses there have launched YouTube accounts, where they can share their stories, FAQs, and product demonstrations, among other things.

Through video, businesses can engage with consumers where they are and when they are most likely to be receptive to an ad or marketing message. Moreover, video allows for the customization of content for different devices and screen sizes, something that print advertising cannot do on a large scale.

Why Are Businesses in Wadsworth Embracing Digital Marketing?

Wadsworth is a town built on tradition and focused on community. There is a strong sense of loyalty and support for the local school sports teams, the baseball, football, and basketball outfits. The Civil War was also a defining moment in the city’s history, with a large number of residents participating in some way. However, the most influential event that shaped Wadsworth was the invention of the telephone, which allowed for more efficient and quicker business transactions and widespread communication.

The invention of the telephone enabled businesses in town to thrive, as customers could now be reached and information could be transferred easily across entire states. With more people connected, information could be shared across social circles and business networks grew rapidly, forming tight-knit communities.

However, even in today’s digital era, the importance of face-to-face interactions and interactions within a strong community cannot be overstated. In fact, research clearly indicates that 80% of all purchasing decisions are made in person.

As a result, businesses in town have looked to digital marketing to enhance their reach, establish a stronger connection with customers, and grow their communities. In 2019, marketers will be able to play an even more important role in connecting businesses with potential customers and spreading the word about new products and services. If you’re a business in Wadsworth looking to increase your online presence, get some inspiration from this small American town and see how you can use digital marketing to your advantage.