11 Online Marketing Tools You Need to Know About


Do you have a social media account and struggle with keeping track of all your profiles? Hootsuite is a free tool that can help you keep up with all your social media accounts from one place. With Hootsuite, you define social media accounts and choose what to follow on an individual or global level. You can then analyze the performance of your various social media accounts and use this information to optimize your social media marketing strategy moving forward.


Buffer is a content management service that helps you create and curate content on your website or social media channels. With this service, you can shorten your URLs, build lists of content, schedule posts, and analyze the performance of your content over time. One of the major perks of using Buffer is that you can automate the publishing of content to various platforms with a single click—something that would require you to do manually throughout the day.


Launched in 2011, CharityBuzz is a crowdfunding platform that connects nonprofits with individuals ready to support their causes. Through the site, you can easily find and contribute to the most inspiring projects worldwide. In addition, you can follow the progress of individual campaigns and be a part of the evolution as projects develop.


Launched in 2014 and based in the UK, Vero is a marketing platform that connects brands with consumers through personalized content. The platform is best known for its conversational marketing—a style of communication designed to have human-like conversations with users—but it also provides automated marketing features such as email campaign creation and performance analysis.

Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie is an eCommerce store that sells natural and organic products. To attract customers, the company uses online marketing to spread the word about their store and gain credibility with their audience. With Mad Hippie, you can set the prices for various products, determine the order in which products are displayed on the website, and track your store’s performance over time.


Totelo is a task management tool that can be used to create to-do lists, track tasks, and analyze the progress of various projects. You can integrate this tool with your email marketing software or Hootsuite to keep track of all your marketing tasks and responsibilities—and stay on top of your game.


If you’re looking to grow your business, BuzzFeed could be the right fit. The company owns and operates numerous popular, niche-specific blogs that drive millions of social media impressions every month. In addition, BuzzFeed has a popular podcast network that provides valuable content for marketers. Its Open Culture project, for example, curates and shares the best creative content every week.


If you’re serious about growing your business, Sumo can help. Sumo is a marketing platform that connects businesses with people, places, and things to grow their brand and drive sales. One of the cool things about Sumo is that it provides you with a suite of tools that help you plan and measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


Often described as the HubSpot, a software as a service (SaaS) platform, is ideal for businesses that want to grow organically. This tool helps businesses of all sizes and shapes map out their marketing and sales strategies and plan their digital marketing campaigns. As a HubSpot user, you can create campaigns, set email marketing preferences, analyze outreach, and refine content based on performance—making it an invaluable tool for any marketer.


MailChimp is a freemium tool that connects businesses with customers through email marketing. The tool allows you to create and send customized emails with ease. Additionally, MailChimp provides you with all the stats you need to understand the performance of your email campaigns. This service can be a bit confusing at first as you’ll have to work through all the features—but having all the numbers and analytics at your fingertips is indispensable for any marketer.


TrialPay is a payment platform that provides a safe and reliable way for retailers to collect donations from their customers. What sets this service apart is its referral program—which rewards customers with free merchandise for referring a friend who makes a purchase—as well as its gift-wrap and mailing option.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a form of online communication where you can engage with potential customers through real-time messaging. This interactive tool allows you to provide assistance and direction to users as they navigate your website or social media platforms. For instance, you can let users know when they’ve entered an incomplete form field or ask if they’re finding the information they need. This platform also offers analytics that can be used to measure the success of your live chat sessions—and help you determine which messaging patterns and strategies work best for your business.

Conversational Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your business through online marketing, you might consider using conversational marketing. This marketing technique relies on the power of language and technology to have human-like conversations with customers—and attract, convert, and retain more valuable leads and customers than ever before.

To be clear, marketing isn’t dead. It’s just evolved — and thanks to digital marketing platforms like Mad Hippie and Hootsuite, we’re able to see the evolution in real-time.