Online Marketing Jobs in Kentucky – Find Teaching Jobs in the Bluegrass

The UK is now well and truly in the grip of a Covid-19 pandemic. The government has restricted movement, closed schools and laid down rules to protect the country as much as possible. With people working remotely and studying remotely, many jobs have sprung up in the online field.

One such job is that of an online marketer, which is exactly what this article is going to introduce you to. An Online Marketing Job in Kentucky overview will help you understand what is required, the typical day-to-day tasks and what you need to know and remember if you want to get the job. Follow our comprehensive guide and you’ll be able to land yourself a great job in no time at all. So let’s get started.

Online Marketing Jobs in Kentucky: Overview

Simply put, an online marketer creates ads that are meant to be published to different platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube) to generate sales. When an ad is published, the owner expects the ad to perform a specific function, generate a certain number of leads and convert them into paying customers or subscribers.

These ads can be tailored to suit the needs of the user, meaning you can create one ad for Instagrammers, another for LinkedIn users and so on. The aim is to generate revenue and/or leads through different platforms while simultaneously measuring the performance of each ad.

The Rise in Online Marketing Jobs

The demand for online marketers has risen dramatically since the start of the year and is projected to see a 46% rise by 2023.

Additionally, the supply of online marketers is also projected to see a 121% hike by 2023, with many experienced professionals planning to enter the field.

This is largely due to the fact that marketing and social media have become two entirely separate fields, with the first requiring extensive experience in digital marketing and the latter being focused more on social media platforms. According to LinkedIn, marketing jobs are now more sought-after than jobs in traditional marketing.

What Do You Need To Start An Online Marketing Career?

If you want to start an online marketing career, you need a solid understanding of digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) marketing. Having worked in digital marketing and having a background in SEO and PPC makes you perfectly suited to this industry.

Additionally, you should have a sound knowledge of the most popular social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), as well as familiarity with SEO Analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Bing Analytics.

Salary Range

The average salary for an online marketer ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 per year, but this can vary widely depending on the experience level and location. In general, salaries are higher in large cities and lower in smaller towns. Since this is such a lucrative industry, you can expect to land yourself a great job in no time at all. Follow the guide and you’ll be able to secure your first client, get introduced to the right people and land yourself an attractive salary.

The Dangers Of Going Into The Field Without A Background

If you are looking at getting into the field without any previous marketing experience, then you need to be extremely aware of the dangers. While this might seem like a great way to enter the industry, you should know that most online marketers have at least a few years of relevant experience. If you want to enter the industry, then you should do so through a reputable source.

Having a reputable source can help get you established in the field quickly and help secure you the job you want, as well as providing you with a reference if you need one. A good place to start is the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) or the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

Types Of Projects

Depending on your experience level, you might be able to land yourself a job working on small projects, or you might have to wait for larger projects to come along. Regardless, you should be able to find a job that suits you perfectly and allows you to use your skills.

The main types of projects are:

  • Marketing Charts
    • Brand analysis
    • Product Analysis
    • Market Segmentation
    • Market Research
    • SEO Analysis
    • PPC Analysis
    • Performance Marketing

Job Locations

Depending on your location, you might be able to pick up a job quite easily, or you might have to look farther afield for work. Since most digital marketing jobs fall within the scope of North America, most job opportunities can be found in places such as:

  • Los Angeles
    • New York City
    • Chicago
    • San Francisco Bay Area

In all locations, you’ll find high demand and a growing need for digital marketing professionals.

Work Environment

If you are fortunate enough to land yourself a job, then you can expect to work in a professional environment that is conducive to your personal and professional growth. Many firms have offices spaces where you can connect with colleagues, as well as dedicated conference rooms and kitchens for when you meet with clients.

Additionally, you can look forward to steady employment opportunities and flexible working hours, as well as excellent pay and the chance to grow and learn alongside experienced professionals.

The key takeaway from this article is that the UK has a rich history in the field of online marketing and more and more people are looking to get into the industry. If you have a genuine interest in marketing and digital marketing, then this is an excellent place to start your career. Just make sure you are aware of the dangers of going into the field without any previous experience and secure accredited learning if you can.