Everything You Need to Know About Online Marketing

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a marketer or someone already thoroughly familiar with marketing. If not, then welcome to the wonderful world of online marketing!

What is online marketing?

Put simply, online marketing is the practice of marketing a product or offering online. If you sell clothing online, for example, you would be considered an “online merchant” or “e-commerce merchant.”

The advantage of online marketing is that you can reach a global audience when your ads appear on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, you don’t need to be restricted by geographical boundaries since you can operate from anywhere. A disadvantage is that you have to keep up with technology and change when it comes to marketing strategies and tactics.

The Different Types Of Online Marketers

Depending on your situation, you might decide to become an online marketer. If so, then you need to determine what type of marketer you want to be. Do you want to be considered a digital marketer, social media marketer, content marketer, or performance marketer?

A digital marketer typically creates marketing strategies and manages online marketing campaigns for corporate brands and marketing agencies.

A social media marketer focuses on using various social platforms to promote products and raise brand awareness.

A content marketer creates material including videos, blogs, and web content to promote a product or offering.

A performance marketer measures the performance of marketing activities including ads, social media posts, and website traffic to determine if a campaign was successful.

Which one you decide to become depends on your experience, interests, and where you want to go in life. If you’re interested in a career in digital marketing, then consider our four-year digital marketing degree program in Cedar Rapids.

You’ll learn the different platforms and how to use them effectively to reach your audience. With the right education, you can pursue an expert career in a related field and enjoy a higher salary than you would in a regular job.

Key Facts About Online Marketers

  • 98% of consumers see or hear something about a product or service online before they buy it or use it.
  • 81% of consumers research products or services online before they buy them.
  • 83% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends.
  • 83% of consumers believe that the best way to learn about new products is by browsing through reviews.
  • 76% of consumers plan to purchase a product or service online after discovering it on social media.
  • 38% of consumers have bought a product or service after reading a review online
  • 85% of consumers read reviews before buying a product or service.
  • 60% of consumers avoid buying a product or service if the reviews are bad.
  • 73% of online shoppers look at reviews before purchasing a product.

If you’re considering an online marketing degree, then be sure to get the most out of your education by taking advantage of all the resources available. Most universities now offer online marketing degrees, so you’ll be able to pursue an accredited degree in a world-class environment. Plus, you’ll be able to complete your education without having to leave your home.

The information and resources available on this site will help you to succeed in your online marketing career. Whether you’re new to this industry or are already well-established, you’ll find everything you need to know about online marketing from A to Z.