Online Marketing Specialist Den Haag – The First of its Kind in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, you will often find a mix of traditional markets and online markets. This is mostly due to the way the country has developed. The traditional Dutch markets, such as the yearly Tulip Festival and art auctions, often take place in the spring. In summer, you will find lots of outdoor markets selling clothes, food and other daily necessities. In winter, the big stores close and everyone retreats indoors. This can cause a lot of seasonal volatility in the retail landscape. Because of this, it is essential that brands adjust their strategies to take advantage of online marketing.

The Rise in Online Shopping In The Country

Thanks to the internet, online shopping has experienced an incredible rise in popularity in the Netherlands. Some years ago, online shopping was seen as an American phenomenon that didn’t resonate with the Dutch population. However, this has changed and nowadays, almost everyone in the country shops online. The variety of products that can be found online is incredible and it has made shopping much more convenient. For instance, many Dutch retailers offer same-day delivery so customers don’t even have to think about going into a store to make a purchase. This has made a significant difference in terms of shopping habits and has undoubtedly played a role in the rise of eCommerce in the country. (Incidentally, the country even has a specific holiday named after the retail industry: Shopping Day.)

Why Should You Care About Marketing Specialist Jobs In The Country?

In the Netherlands, marketing specialists with a background in e-commerce are in high demand. Not only do they have the expertise that online brands need to operate in the country, but they can also help tackle international expansion. Since the country is a popular gateway for retail tourism, having a marketing specialist on board will greatly benefit brands that operate there. The following explains why.

The Growing International Reach Of Online Stores In The Country

The popularity of online shopping in the Netherlands means that many online stores have a global audience. In some cases, international customers make up a significant portion of a brand’s customer base. Having a dedicated marketer on board to build awareness and promote your store means you can take advantage of these customers across the globe. If you run an eCommerce store in the country, having a marketing specialist on hand is essential since most of your customers will be found online. This gives you the opportunity to gain global reach without having to physically operate in a foreign country. (Think: You could have customers from Japan, Korea or China looking for a product that is only available in the country, but you are based in the Netherlands.)

The Talent Pool Is Huge

One of the things that makes the Netherlands such a desirable place to base a business is the abundance of talented individuals. Not only are there skilled individuals who can help you with anything you need, there are also plenty of graduate students and interns looking for an opportunity to gain experience. If you’re looking for an experienced team, the Netherlands has many marketing specialists available.

The Demand For Online Marketers In The Country

As we’ve established, the demand for online marketing specialists in the Netherlands is high and this is reflected in the salary levels that can be achieved. According to Dice, based on the unemployment rate, the average salary for a software engineer in the country is £30,000 per annum. For a marketing manager, the figure is £38,000. These are not huge amounts, especially considering that most people can live comfortably on this sort of salary and can still have plenty to save for a house deposit. The demand for online marketers is undoubtedly there and the number of job openings is growing each year.

Why Should You Base Your Business In The Country?

So, you want to base your business in the Netherlands. Excellent! Let us now take a look at the other side of the coin: the disadvantages. (Hint: There aren’t any.)

The Weather Can Be Unpredictable

If you’re unfamiliar, the Netherlands is a small country and it gets a lot of snow. A lot. Imagine living in a place where it never stops snowsing. This can create a number of problems for businesses operating there. Seasonal fluctuations in temperature are also something to be aware of. In summer, the weather can be unpredictable and this makes it difficult to organize travel. In winter, you have the chance of having bitterly cold days where everything freezes and it gets dark earlier. (These are the sorts of things you need to know before deciding to base your business in the country.)

The Legal Framework Is Vague

The Dutch legal system is considered one of the most favorable in Europe and it makes it easy to operate a business there. However, you should still know what you are doing and be prepared to comply with all legal obligations. Sometimes legal clarity is not easy to come by and this is where a good lawyer can help. (In some countries, you may need to register with the country’s trade registry in order to do business. In most countries, this is a simple matter of filling out some forms and paying a small registration fee. The lawyer can then walk you through the process and advise you of any obligations you may need to fulfill.)

There Is Little Infrastructure For Startups

As we’ve established, the Netherlands is a small country and there isn’t a lot of room for big businesses. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t welcoming to startups and entrepreneurs, but you will have to work hard to make your mark in the country. (Incidentally, if you’re looking for an inexpensive place to launch a business, the Netherlands is one of the best locations to look into. There isn’t a lot of red tape and it isn’t overly bureaucratic. If any country has the potential to become a base for entrepreneurs and startups, it’s the Netherlands. (You will need a decent internet connection to successfully run a business from the country. Otherwise, it’s like operating in another country entirely. And please note that the country does get pretty congested during the holiday seasons so try to avoid coming during this time. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to navigate the streets. And finally, if you’re looking for a place to hide away from the prying eyes of the public, the countryside is a good option. (And if you want to keep your business a secret, there are plenty of places outside the city where you can establish your headquarters without having to worry about anyone noticing. Think: The suburbs. The countryside. And those big, dark clubs that entrepreneurs often turn to when they want to get away from the prying eyes of the public.)

So, on the whole, the advantages of operating a business in the Netherlands far outweigh the disadvantages. Especially now that you know what they are. Let’s take a look at some of the positive points.

An Incredible Mix Of Marketing Expertise

One of the main reasons that the Netherlands is such a desirable place to base a business is because of its incredible mix of marketing expertise. As we’ve established, the country is home to many experienced marketers who know exactly what they are doing. This is invaluable knowledge that you can access and build upon. In most cases, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel and this saves you a lot of time and effort. (Incidentally, if you’re looking to expand your operations overseas, the country is a great place to do so since you will have a solid foundation to build upon. This is partly because of its marketing prowess, but also its general business atmosphere.)

An Incredible Availability Of Marketing Resources

Another significant advantage of operating a business in the Netherlands is the availability of marketing resources. The country is home to many talented individuals who can help you in any way that you need. Whether you’re looking to undertake online marketing or want to hire some freelancers to help with social media, there will be someone or some something to fit your needs. You won’t have to look far for the answers and this saves you a great deal of time and effort. (As an example, we could mention digital marketing agencies CO.UK and Future Inc who have offices in Amsterdam and the Netherlands Antilles respectively. The agencies specialize in providing comprehensive online marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. As a result of this specialization, they have access to a huge pool of clients and can help you find the right people to help run your social media accounts.)