Online Marketing Rockstars 2017: Bar

Every year at this time, we get super excited about the Online Marketing event in Nashville. The reason? It’s where the power brokers of the industry meet to network and share knowledge. This year’s installment was no different. With the help of our friends at OneOpinion, we were able to get some high-quality video footage of the two-day conference. Here’s a quick run-down of what we saw and learned:

Overall Impressions

Even though the pandemic put a damper on things, a lot of the usual suspects were there. Facebook was the biggest platform, but YouTube and Instagram were also in full bloom. Having a presence on all of these platforms is critical to establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. The ability to reach an audience on multiple platforms through one blog post or video means you can potentially reach a massive audience. Having a personal brand that others can relate to is important, and being able to provide value in your content means you’re much more likely to engage with your audience.

Traditional Media Meets Online Tools

Whether you like it or not, traditional media is evolving to take advantage of new platforms and tools. Traditional media properties, like newspapers and magazines, have taken advantage of new platforms like Snapchat and YouTube to gain more traction and build audience. New platforms like TikTok and Instagram have exploded in popularity, and traditional media companies are realizing that to survive, they need to adapt or die. Whether you agree with that statement or not, it’s a fact that traditional media is evolving to stay relevant.

The Increasing Role of Video

It’s no secret that video is taking over the world. Every year the amount of video content consumed grows, along with the percentage of people using video to learn something new, or simply to entertain themselves. Having an online marketing rockstar in this industry is critical to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Video content can also be much more engaging than a dry blog post, and it’s something that people can tap into on their smartphones whenever they want.

Video And Social Networks

It’s well-established that people love to watch videos of others in action. This is why YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, and why TikTok is reportedly valued at around $500 million. Videos of people explaining how to do something appeal to a much larger audience than a typical blog post, since people want to learn something new from someone they trust. One of the reasons that social networks have been so successful is that they combine video content with other types of media, like articles, GIFs, or even audio content.

Video And Live Streaming

We’re seeing more and more bloggers and online influencers using video content to build and grow their audience. Whether you’ve got a YouTube channel or a Snapchat account, live streaming can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand. You can take your channel live whenever you want, with the click of a button, and engage with your audience in real time. It’s easy to set up and has huge advantages when used correctly.

If you’re looking to build your personal brand or business, we recommend you consider doing some research on video platforms and tools before making a decision. The right platform can do wonders for your content, whether you’re a blogger, journalist, or content creator.