Online Marketing: Randleman’s Top 10 Online Marketing Tips

If you’re looking to take your marketing efforts online, make sure to study up on the latest trends and techniques.

Here are Randleman’s top 10 tips for effective online marketing:

1. Keep it simple.

The first thing you need to do is keep things simple. You have a limited amount of real estate on the web, so you want to ensure that your efforts are easy to understand and memorable.

If your site is a little too dense with content, difficult to navigate, and/or full of jargon, then your visitors may leave wondering what all the fuss was about. Ensure that your site is simple, clean, and concise.

2. Build trust.

When online marketing, you are competing for attention with thousands of other sites. Your goal is to gain credibility with your audience so that they believe you when you say that your product/service will help them win more customers or make their business more efficient.

One way to do this is by displaying expertise in your area of specialty. For example, if you are a law firm specializing in ERP implementations, make sure that your site contains detailed and helpful information on this subject. If you’re trying to attract new users to your blog, use your special subject matter expertise to provide helpful and step-by-step advice. Showing that you are an expert in your field not only establishes your trustworthiness but also demonstrates that you are worthy of being believed.

3. Generate leads.

Another way to gain credibility with your audience is to provide them with useful and actionable leads. You can do this through email marketing, which we’ll discuss in more detail below. However, the key is to find ways to generate leads simply and effectively.

If you’re struggling to come up with leads, you’re probably wondering where to start. You can use a tool like HubSpot to create email campaigns that will grow your business. Start with a lead magnet such as a free E-book, checklist, or guide. Then, provide interesting and helpful information that will make them want to learn more. If you’re creating an email marketing campaign, consider using a tool like HubSpot to schedule email campaigns, follow-up with potential customers, and track success.

4. Measure results.

The last thing you want to do is spend lots of time running after your tail because you don’t know how effective your efforts were. To avoid this, you need to measure the results of your online marketing strategies. This can be done by simply tracking the number of visitors to your site, the conversions (i.e., blog post views, product purchases, or lead generation), and the growth of your social media accounts.

These numbers will give you an idea of the effectiveness of your efforts. You can use Google Analytics to track all of this automatically, or you can turn to a service like HubSpot which offers a range of analytics reports to give you accurate data about the performance of your website.

5. Be consistent.

The science of marketing states that consumers get so distracted by the many ads and offers popping up on their screens that they have little attention left for anything else. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be consistent in your efforts.

This means that you need to post regularly and make sure that you always offer value. If you want to raise your conversion rates, use a tool like HubSpot to create automated email campaigns that will blast out new content to your list on a regular basis. Automatically driving traffic to your site on a consistent basis will raise your visibility as a reputable and knowledgeable source in your field. When your audience sees this kind of consistency, they will begin to trust you and look to you for advice or answers to their questions.

6. Be social.

In today’s world, being social means being everywhere and being accessible to everyone. To ensure that your marketing efforts are effective, make sure to be on social media during relevant times to target the right audience.

These days, more people listen to music while driving than they do when listening to radio. So, if you’re keen to improve your odds of reaching your target audience, consider using this trend to your advantage. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and blast it out across all your social accounts.

You can also use social media to connect with other businesses and individuals in your field. This is a great way to get advice, tips, and information that you can use to further your own marketing efforts. If you’re looking for clients, consider using social media to connect with other businesses in your field and reach out to them for advice and marketing help. The benefits of this sort of collaboration are twofold: You can piggyback on other businesses’ established platforms and gain credibility with your audience, and you can also access expert advice that you would not normally be able to afford.

7. Use keywords.

One of the basic rules of SEO (search engine optimization) is to make sure that your web content is relevant to your target audience. To achieve this, you need to incorporate relevant keywords into your content. If you’re looking to rank for specific keywords or topics, use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to get started. This tool will pull in competition data, so you can see how others are using keywords to attract business or customers. You can also use this tool to find keywords that YOU should incorporate into your own content. This will increase the likelihood of your content being seen by the right audience.

If you want to be found by potential customers searching for your product or service, make sure that the content on your site is complete and easy to navigate. Use your chosen keywords frequently and in a natural manner throughout your content. If you’re posting on social media, use relevant keywords in your status updates to give your content the best possible chance of being found.

8. Be where your audience is.

If you’re looking to target a specific audience, make sure to be where they are. You can do this by creating content for social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn as well as your own website. Doing this ensures that your marketing content is both accessible to and relevant to your target audience. If you want to have a greater impact on your audience, consider creating videos for YouTube or holding live chats via WebEx or GoToMeeting.

These sorts of platforms give you the opportunity to have real-time conversations with potential and existing customers. If you’re using social media to promote your website, make sure to connect with other bloggers and journalists to increase your reach to a wider audience. Doing this can get you more in-demand freelance work, potentially leading to more organic traffic and, thus, more leads and sales. Plus, it’s always nice to have more people to share your content with.

9. Consider e-books.

E-books are always a great way to gain credibility and trust with your audience. For instance, if you are an expert in ERP implementations, consider creating an ebook that contains valuable information on this subject. Or, if you are an attorney specializing in business litigation, create an e-book that contains invaluable insight into how to successfully resolve these cases.

The use of e-books in marketing continues to grow as platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook continue to offer incredible opportunities for authors to reach a wider audience. Some well-known brands and marketing agencies create digital content regularly and make sure to include an ebook as part of their content strategy. If you want to gain credibility and trust with your audience, consider creating an e-book for free that will be valuable to them.

10. Build trust through content creation.

We all want to build trust with our audience, so consider creating valuable content that will help others. If your goal is to raise your conversion rates, consider using a tool like HubSpot to create content that will educate and entertain your target audience. To create valuable content, make sure to pull in the expertise of a subject matter expert. Doing this will help you produce content that is both unique and authoritative.

If your business is geared toward seniors, consider creating an educational ebook or blog post that will assist them in making the most of their golden years. Or, if you’re an attorney specializing in medical malpractice, create an educational e-book that will help educate potential clients on this complicated subject. The list of topics you can cover is endless, so make sure you don’t limit yourself to legal and medical issues. Create valuable content that will assist your target audience in taking their business or personal lives to the next level.