10 Online Marketing Qualified Leads You Should Know

I have 10 online marketing qualified leads you should know. These are all the marketers that I consider to be experts in their field. I think that they will all make valuable additions to your marketing team. In this article, you’ll find out more about each of these marketers, including where they are located, their specialty, education, and industry experience. Let’s get started.

Marketing Qualified Leads From The Past

Looking for online marketing qualified leads from years ago? You can find these wonderful, experienced marketers on LinkedIn. In fact, you can view their profiles and learn more about them there. What makes them so valuable are their extensive networks, qualifications, and knowledge in their field. Many of them have built their career completely online, so they’re used to generating leads for sales teams. As you can see below, these marketers often have lots of experience in B2B, digital marketing, and sales funnel analysis, as well as an in-depth knowledge of PPC. If you’re looking for an expert who has already built a presence for themselves on LinkedIn, you can find them here. Alternatively, you can also find a more modern version of these old leads on Google.

Marketing Qualified Leads From The Present

Those looking for online marketing qualified leads from today can find them on LinkedIn as well. In fact, you can view their profiles and learn more about them there. While these leads are no less qualified than those from years ago, they represent a different marketer generation. Many of them are newer to the field and may not have as much experience as their predecessors. However, this should not deter you from considering them. After all, experience matters, but so does perspective. Keep in mind that these leads represent a larger audience, as they are often looking for a career in marketing, not simply a part-time job as a marketing expert. As you can see below, these leads are often found on social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. In an effort to stay relevant, marketers create fresh content frequently, such as infographics and webinars. If you’re looking for someone who is more modern in their approach and has an extensive knowledge of digital marketing and social media, you can find them here.

Marketing Qualified Leads From The Future

As we move forward, the lines between marketing and sales begin to blur. After all, someone is buying the product or service, whether it’s a cup of coffee, a couch, or a hotel room. Thus, it’s essential that marketers understand sales. The good news is that we live in a world that is constantly evolving, so it’s never too late to learn new marketing methods and strategies. Thankfully, the world is kind to us marketers and provides us with endless opportunities to improve our craft. Years from now, when looking for online marketing qualified leads, we will be able to identify them through their unique websites, social media accounts, and digital marketing strategies. Keep in mind: content is king, and a web page that ranks well in organic search simply means that your product or service is available when someone is searching for it. You can find these leads on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

The Specialties & Industries Of These Marketers

Since we’re covering marketing experts, let’s discuss the specialties and industries of these marketers. First, we have Mike Blumenthal. He is the Director of Marketing at SendOwl, a marketing automation platform that streamlines marketing tasks, from strategy to execution. Most of Mike’s work experience is in marketing and PR. He’s been quoted in publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and he’s been on live television programs, including Bloomberg. Next, we have John Lamontagne. He is the CEO and Founder of Vistaprint, a cloud-based digital marketing company. For the past two years, his team has grown year over year, and he was recently featured in Forbes as one of America’s brightest young entrepreneurs. As a self-taught marketer, John began his career in digital marketing and sales in his 20s. In fact, he started his company, Vistaprint, at the age of 23. Lastly, we have Mark DiLouie, the Founder and CEO of Wpromote. Wpromote provides marketing strategy and execution for small businesses, helping them drive revenue and growth through strategic marketing plans and digital marketing. You can find Mark’s work experience at several marketing and advertising agencies, including Media Logic, R/GA, and Venable. As a young marketer, he created the “New to Digital Marketing?” series for LinkedIn, detailing his journey from being a graphic designer without a formal marketing education to founding a marketing company.