How to Create an Effective Online Marketing Proposal Template

If you’re in the business of selling products online, you’ve most likely encountered proposal writing as part of the sales process. Proposal writing is an important part of the sales process for several reasons. First, it provides a record of the discussion (or negotiation) that took place. Second, it establishes the value proposition of the offering. Third, it forms the contract between you and the customer. And last but not least, it provides evidence of what was said and agreed upon in the meeting (or negotiation).

The proposal is a formal document that you’ll need to prepare and present to your customer, typically as part of the sales process. You may decide to create a proposal for a new product or service you’re promoting, or you may need to write a proposal to get funding for a new project. Regardless of why you’re writing a proposal, you need to prepare it carefully and present it professionally.

When you’re selling products online or to customers in person, the process of proposal writing usually begins with an email or a chat message. The proposal writing process can vary from a quick email to a formal PDF file, but the general process stays the same. Whether you write an email or a chat message, you’ll begin by describing the services or products you offer and the benefits they provide. Next, you’ll want to map out the pricing for each service or product. Finally, you’ll need to provide a template for the proposal—either an example you’ve drafted or a template you’ve found online—and include a reference to any additional documentation or materials you believe are necessary (e.g., a PDF of the product’s user manual or a video tutorial).

An effective marketing proposal should include all of the following: