Online Marketing Manager Zertifikat – What You Need to Know

With over 4.8 million people in the U.S. alone using Facebook alone, it’s clear that social media is a valuable tool for marketers.

While social media can be used to promote your products and services, it can also be an efficient means of collecting customer feedback, driving traffic to your website, and identifying potential leads, all of which can help you in driving profitable growth.

To ensure you’re utilizing the power of social media to its fullest potential, this course synthesizes the most essential knowledge you need to know in order to become an effective online marketer.

Let’s begin.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or business executive, you’ll undoubtedly be called upon to make critical marketing decisions that will ultimately determine the success or failure of your venture.

To help you navigate the uncharted waters of marketing, this course will arm you with the essential knowledge you need to make confident decisions about marketing strategy, including digital marketing.

Understand the fundamentals of marketing including segmentation, targeting, and analysis of results.

Sales & Marketing Analytics

No matter what stage your business is at, you’ll need to continually analyze your marketing decisions, review the performance of your marketing campaigns, and adjust your strategy as necessary.

To provide you with the best overview of your marketing performance, this course will introduce you to advanced marketing analytics including Google Analytics and Salesforce.

Understand the value of marketing analytics in decision-making and being able to interpret the information gathered from your campaigns, making it useful and accessible to the rest of your team.


Being able to craft a compelling message and convey it to the right audience is critical to anyone who wants to succeed in business.

When it comes to video content, you’ll need to decide how you’ll bring your message across, whether you’ll opt for a professional-looking video with slick edits or an informal video with a more personal tone.

This course will walk you through the fundamentals of video production, helping you to develop your personal video story, as well as provide you with the technical know-how necessary to bring your video idea to life.

Digital Marketing

If your business operates primarily online, it follows that you’ll need to become familiar with digital marketing.

This is the practice of marketing goods and services using digital platforms including website, social media, and email.

In this course, you’ll gain the essential knowledge you need to form a clear picture of how each of these platforms can be used to promote your business.

Understand the difference between SEO and Pay-Per-Click.

Find out how to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy, including pay-per-click advertising.


If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, this is the course for you.

Being able to plan and organize marketing activities, analyze marketing results, and interpret changes in market conditions are all important qualities for an effective marketer.

This course will introduce you to the essential tools you need to become a confident manager, as well as provide you with the in-demand skills you need to find a job in this exciting industry.

By the end of this program, you’ll have the information and skill-set necessary to begin a lucrative career in digital marketing or content creation.

Ensure you purchase the the the complete package to get access to this course and to start your career in marketing.