Online Marketing Manager, IHK Hamburg – What You Need to Know!

Working as an online marketer, you will be responsible for developing, implementing and assessing marketing campaigns for online businesses. You will work in a fast-paced environment, where analytical and creative skills are highly valued. You will be involved in all aspects of the digital marketing process, including strategy, creative, web and visual content as well as performance marketing.

The Role

As an online marketing manager, you will be responsible for marketing strategy, campaign execution and performance monitoring.

You will be expected to hit the ground running and prove yourself by taking on a challenging project. You will then have the opportunity to show your skills and promote yourself through a series of deliverable content.

You can expect to be working with a wide variety of businesses across many industries, each with their own marketing goals and strategy. It is essential that you are able to adapt to different situations and comfortably collaborate with a range of different stakeholders. You will also be expected to promote best practice and ensure that you are using the most effective and appropriate techniques for the projects you are working on. Finally, you will be responsible for assessing the performance of each campaign you work on and identifying areas for improvement.


To qualify for this role, you will need a 4-year university degree in marketing, business administration or a comparable field. In addition, you will need to have worked in a similar position in a digital marketing agency or in-house function within a large company. Finally, you will need to have a passion for marketing and a genuine interest in helping businesses to succeed.