Online Marketing in Leicester: What Is the Best Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed many businesses in Leicester for the lack of online marketing knowledge they had. People in Leicester had to rely on social media for their main source of acquiring new leads, which led to a 140% rise in website traffic compared to before the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic also revealed that most businesses in Leicester (62%) are now running marketing campaigns online. This had a huge impact on how people in Leicester consume and engage with content – especially when it comes to marketing.

While it is great that so many businesses in Leicester are taking the initiative and investing in digital marketing, this can also be a double-edged sword. Many businesses in Leicester are not yet equipped with the best practices and toolsets to achieve efficient and effective online marketing. This is where you come in. We have been running workshops and classes for local businesses and would love to work with you to develop an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. Here are just a few of the many ways that digital marketing in Leicester can benefit your business.

Boost Your SEO

The best thing that can happen for your business is if it gets found when someone is searching for a product or service that your business provides. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the act of enhancing your website content to make it more suitable for being ranked highly by search engines like Google.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. An undisclosed amount of revenue is earned from adverts appearing on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). This is why SEO is so important – you can dominate the small amount of adverts that appear on your website’s SERP.

When a user searches for a product or service using Google, the results that appear prominently at the top of the SERP are determined by a combination of numerous factors. However, the one that really counts is how relevant and informative the content on your website is.

People use Google as a way of finding information. If someone is looking for a Leicester dentist, for example, they will likely type in some keywords and then click on the first result that appears. If your site contains relevant, well-written content that is supported by solid SEO techniques, then you can be certain that your website will turn up when someone is searching for your product or service.

Become More Engaging With Your Audience

The fact that people are now looking for information online instead of offline means that you have the opportunity to be more engaging with your audience. According to HubSpot Blogs’ analysis of 1.2 billion monthly active users, 89% of users have open Wi-Fi while on their phones and 63% have spent at least some time on social media while on the move.

This is why it is important to keep your content relevant and engaging. When someone is scrolling through their Twitter feed or scanning the results of a Google search, you have the chance to grab their attention with an interesting article or video. Your content needs to have the right mix of informative and entertaining to engage your audience and encourage them to take action or go on a journey with you.

Make Better Decisions

If you are reading this, then it is most likely that you are the person in charge of making marketing decisions for your business. With so much information and so many marketing platforms available online, there is a deluge of data that you have to wade through in order to form a clear picture of the effectiveness of your campaigns.

This is where a good SEO strategy comes in. By regularly gathering and analyzing key metrics such as your website’s traffic and conversion rates, you can easily track the success of your online marketing efforts. Using tools like Google Analytics to compare the results of your various campaigns can help you make more informed decisions about your online marketing strategy. For example, if you are running a marketing campaign for a hotel in Thailand and you notice that the results are not good but your Facebook campaign was running at the time, then you may decide to discontinue the former and double down on the latter.

Improve Your Bottom Line

The last thing that any business owner or manager wants to do is spend money on advertising and marketing that does not produce good results. This is why it is important to set up measurable goals for your online marketing efforts and track your ROI (Return On Investment). The first step is to set up a marketing dashboard to keep track of all the metrics that you need to measure. This includes things like the type of articles that are performing well and how many people are clicking on the various CTA (Call To Actions) throughout the content.

A good SEO strategy will put your business in the right place at the right time. If you are running a campaign to increase brand awareness, then you need to make sure that your target audience is discovering your brand and learning to associate it with beneficial traits. The better the strategy, the better the results that you will see.