Online Marketing Kurs Zurich – A Comprehensive Overview of the Industry

If you’re looking for an in-demand career in digital marketing, you’ve probably considered studying at a reputable business school online.

Whether you’ve decided to specialize in search marketing, content creation, or email marketing, there’s no question that the field is in demand and there are a variety of online courses you can study to gain competency and set yourself apart from the competition.

One of the best places for you to specialize in digital marketing is Zürich, Switzerland. Zurich is not only the business school with the highest employment rate in all of Switzerland, but it’s also one of the best business schools in the world. Since 1909, the ETH Zurich (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Zürich) has been educating future business leaders in the digital marketing field, and the courses offered by this top-rated school continue to be popular even today.

Keep reading for more information about the top-notch training offered by this business school, and why you should consider studying there. 

First-Class Education Available To All

One of the unique things about studying in Zurich is that almost all of the courses are available online. There are no traditional classroom settings. Instead, students engage in group projects, present projects and cases studies, and participate in various other forms of online collaboration.

It’s an ideal environment for people who want to study at a high level while also maintaining a flexible schedule. For instance, there is no morning rush hour traffic, which can keep you from waking up early for a class you need to attend. Or, maybe you want to study abroad for a semester, but you can’t because of the requirements of your current job. In those instances, taking an online course in Zurich would be perfect.

In addition, because there are no midterms or grades, the courses are totally flexible. You can take the course whenever you want, which means you can study it whenever you have time. There are no late nights or early mornings due to assignments or tests. Instead, you can log in at any time and work on your coursework when your schedule allows.

In short, if you want to specialize in digital marketing and are looking for a place to do so, then consider studying in Zurich. This business school has some of the most renowned professors in the world, and the education they provide is truly first-class.

A Hub for International Students To Study

Another distinct advantage of studying in Zurich is that it’s a hub for international students. In fact, 50% of the school’s students are from outside of Switzerland. This makes the entire curriculum richer and more diversified, which in turn makes the experience a whole lot more interesting.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of educational institutions have switched to online learning. For instance, the Open University of Israel has transitioned to an entirely online program. And that’s a good thing, because even prior to the pandemic, the number of international students enrolling in open universities had increased by 75%.

With so much of the world shifting to an online learning platform, it’s advantageous for students to be able to study from anywhere. Imagine being in Israel, where you’ve been allotted a certain number of hours to study each week, and you can’t always rely on the internet to function properly. Or, perhaps you’re in New York City and can’t get a reliable WIFI connection at a desirable location.

In those instances, taking an online course in Zurich would be the perfect alternative. You’d get all of the business education you need and wouldn’t have to worry about location or connectivity issues. Plus, you can take the course whenever you want, even if it’s somewhere in the middle of the night. The information would be there when you needed it, and you wouldn’t have to worry about inconveniencing yourself using an unreliable hotspot.

A Place For Startups To Grow

One more advantage of studying in Zurich is that it’s a hub for startups to grow. There is a huge amount of venture capital invested in the region, which in turn provides plenty of opportunities for young entrepreneurs. In fact, the city has a bit of a culture of entrepreneurship, and many of its residents are already doing their part to make the city a hub for startups. The majority of the businesses in Zurich are actually started by students who, after completing their education in the city, go on to found their own companies and hire other former students.

The region also has an active startup community that connects entrepreneurs with investors and provides them with the support they need to grow their businesses. In addition, the city hosts a lot of events throughout the year that are specifically geared towards startups, such as Demo Day, an annual conference where investors and entrepreneurs come together to present and discuss their products. Or, maybe you’ve got an innovative product and want to know where you can get the resources to bring it to market. At the MIT Sloan School of Management, for example, there is a dedicated entrepreneurship program you can study in. Plus, the school itself is a hub for innovative research and education, with the largest collection of patents among business schools worldwide.

A Vibrant Cultural Exchange

Last but not least, we want to highlight the fact that studying in Zurich is a lot of fun. The city has great bars and restaurants, as well as a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. This makes the entire city a lively cultural and intellectual hub. Most of the events are free or have low costs, which is great if you’re looking for an educational experience but don’t have the money for a fancy hotel.

Even during exam times, with the hustle and bustle of assignments and exams, studying in Zurich is still pretty fun. There are a variety of study groups and club activities you can be a part of. Plus, the city is a hub for international students, which provides you with a whole other world of people and stories.

In short, if you’re looking to study in a beautiful city and want to do so in a way that doesn’t cost you a fortune, then consider studying in Zurich. This city has it all: great businesses, a vibrant cultural scene, and top-notch education.