Online Marketing in Burgenland – What You Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to grow your business or website without having to spend a large amount of money? You can use the power of Internet marketing to reach a large audience and create a massive impact for your business. Now is the best time to explore online marketing in Burgenland because more and more people are finding value in using digital marketing to grow their businesses.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

People are more likely to engage with digital marketing than with traditional marketing methods. In 2017, Etika Biz found that 42% of Germany shopping habits changed due to the impact of online marketing. 45% of Germany shoppers have made purchases because of content such as podcasts, YouTube videos, and affiliate programs.

You may be thinking that using digital marketing to grow your business is risky because you don’t know how much effort you’ll need to put in to get results. Rest assured, you are not alone in wanting to implement a digital marketing strategy. 76% of marketing executives say that they don’t have the resources to execute a digital marketing strategy and only 20% of them say that they are extremely or very confident that it’s possible to drive growth with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in Burgenland: How to Get Started

To get started with a digital marketing strategy in Burgenland, you’ll need to make three important decisions. First, you need to decide what platforms you’ll use to market your products and services. Second, you need to select the target audience for your content. Third, you need to determine the type of content you’ll put out.

When developing your strategy, ask yourself these questions.

What are my goals?

Your goals should be concise and tied to measurable indicators. For instance, if you want to grow your business you could set a goal of increasing your sales by 10% in the next six months. You can also decide to create a sustainable lifestyle business or start-up. The most important thing is that your goals are aligned with a clear strategy.

What assets do I have?

You have several unique assets that you can use to market your business. First, you have an existing brand that you can leverage. If you’ve been operating for a while you may have gathered a decent amount of brand awareness. Second, you have a website. Even if you don’t have a fully fleshed-out site, you can use Google Trends to discover the relative popularity of your keywords and choose the most appropriate platforms to build your website on. Third, you have a social media presence. Look at your brand guidence report to see which social media platforms your targeted audience uses most and build a strategy around those platforms.

What experience do I have?

You have some experience as a business owner, marketer, or web developer. This is a good thing because you can use your existing skills to create a more effective marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to leverage your existing knowledge and experience to create a better strategic plan.

Which digital marketing platforms should I use?

There are several platforms that you could use to drive traffic to your business. The most popular ones are Google (search engine), Amazon (online retailer), and Facebook (social media). Each of these platforms is discussed below.


Google is by far the most popular search engine with a global market share of 67.2%. Due to its global reach and dominance in the market, you can be sure that a significant portion of the population will find your product when they search for it. In 2017, Etika Biz found that 20.6 million of Germany shopping behaviours changed as a result of search engines. 


Richemont, the company that owns the Swiss chocolate brand Mondelez, reportedly spent 850 million on its Amazon purchase in 2012. When it comes to online retail, Amazon is the behemoth that rumbles the industry. In 2017, Etika Biz estimated that the eCommerce market was worth about US$258 billion worldwide. The online retailer is also one of the main suppliers of affiliate marketing products, like websites and mobile apps, which you’ll need to utilize if you decide to become an Amazon affiliate. 


Remember when you first heard about Facebook and its Marketing Services? That was probably the 1990s and you may have heard of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book The Book of Content.

If you want to be on the short list of the most influential authors of the 21st century, Vaynerchuk’s (now legendary) book probably came close to the top of the list. While there is no single book that covers digital marketing, Vaynerchuk’s classic 2019 update to that book, Content 2.0, is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the field.

Other Popular Platforms

There are dozens of platforms that you could use to drive traffic to your business. It’s a good idea to experiment with a few before settling on a few key platforms. Here are some that you might consider using: